Can playing winter golf actually improve our game?

Can playing winter golf actually improve our game?

Despite all the negatives surrounding winter golf, it is possible to not only play golf well in the cold winter months, but for our game to actually improve over this time of year. The elements may be against us, presenting greater challenges than we would see in the summer, but there are also some not-so-obvious advantages golfers can utilise if they want to get ahead of their fellow players and keep their swing in tip-top condition before things warm up again.

Here are just a few ways winter rounds can be your ally, not your nemesis.

How is winter golf different from golf at other times of the year?

The obvious difference between winter golf and golf played at any other time of year is the drastic difference in temperature and weather conditions. Bitterly cold mornings, wet conditions and spells of sleet and snow are to be expected. However, for the most part, these conditions can be dealt with by wearing the correct winter golf gear, like golf jumpers, golf waterproofs, golf headwear or wet weather golf gloves to keep warm and dry on the course. 

Some believe the difference in humidity during the winter months affects the way our golf ball acts in the air, though this isn't a worry for most. Beyond this, expect to find waterlogged, frosty or frozen playing surfaces, which will affect the way your ball moves on impact with the fairway or green. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

How could winter golf help lower our scores?

Playing in harsh conditions gets you ready for anything

Far too many golfers avoid the golf course when they look out the window and see an oncoming raincloud, or if conditions are slightly windier than usual. They simply refuse to play in anything other than optimal conditions, which makes sense at first glance as these are the most enjoyable games to play. But by avoiding playing golf in anything other than what we consider to be “the norm”, we’re not just limiting our opportunities to play, we’re limiting the opportunity to further develop our skillset too.

If you can confidently stride onto the course with your golf bag when it has been raining heavily, or when the fairways are frozen solid, the challenges you’ll face - and overcome - in these conditions will only aid you in all future games. Pretty soon, by playing in all weather conditions, you’ll have a fully-rounded repertoire that will serve you well no matter what the course throws at you.

Lower temperatures can be easier to survive than hotter weather

Plenty of golfers love to complain when it’s too cold on the course - after all, the cold can cause us to lose body heat and our bodies to react to movement in unexpected and undesired ways, throwing our golf swing out of sync. But the majority of the cold’s symptoms can be solved with the right winter golf clothing and enough layers to keep us reasonably toasty.

The same can’t be said for playing in high temperatures, though. Then, it becomes a challenge to keep cool, rather than hot, and there are only so many ways we’re able to cool off on the course before we run out of options. After this time proper hydration is our best option.

If you’re able to head out in unsettlingly cold temperatures and still play an excellent game, but the sun causes you issues you simply can’t handle, it could be wise to make the most of the winter and use it to lower your scores at one of the quietest times of the year. Speaking of which…

Less players means more room to practice

We’ve already discussed how a lot of golfers avoid the winter months altogether. But this presents an untenable advantage for those who are willing to brave the unruly weather and try to squeeze in a game despite the challenge.

When a golf club is quieter, we have far less reason to rush for the benefit of players around us, and are free to focus on perfecting our swing. This also works well for players who are self-conscious or concerned about judgment from their fellow players; by playing in winter when the courses are quieter, there’s far less chance of a potential mistake being spotted by a passerby on the opposing fairway, leaving these players to enjoy their games in relative peace. 

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