Wilson Golf Balls

Whether you’re a novice looking to buy golf balls for the first time or an experienced golfer in need of some extras, Clarkes’ Golf Centre has you covered. We provide Wilson Staff golf balls to suit the on-course needs and budget expectations of amateurs, PGA Tour professionals and everyone in ... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • A quality golf ball at a more than affordable price point, beginners won’t go wrong when choosing Wilson golf balls. That’s not to say these are beginner only golf balls – experienced players of all abilities and skill levels can enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded golf ball from Wilson. If you’re looking for a new set of golf balls that offer superb strike feel, distance and green control that don’t break the bank, Wilson golf balls with do the trick.

  • Wilson golf balls are crafted with distance in mind, offering golfers the chance to add extra yards to their shots without any extra effort. Their velocity-boosting core maximises energy transfer between the club and the impact zone, leading to a greater trajectory off the club face. Wilson golf balls also offer much lower driver spin than other golf balls, encouraging more accurate drives. Consider Wilson golf balls if you need to add more of the power factor to your shots.

  • Yes they are. Wilson Staff is the section of Wilson that manages golf products, including golf balls. So if you ever see a product being advertised as “Wilson Staff golf balls” or “Wilson golf balls” they’re going to be the same thing if they share the same product title. In fact, Wilson Staff is technically the correct way to label Wilson’s golf balls, as all their boxes carry the iconic WS shield logo.

  • Wilson’s Duo Soft golf balls are touted by the company as being “the world’s softest golf balls.” It might not sound like an appealing claim at first, but for those wanting to get the most response out of their ball during striking, it's a big factor. When discussing how hard or soft a golf ball is, we’re referring to how much the ball compresses on impact with the clubface. Balls with higher compression rates are often shown to travel further than harder golf balls, thanks to a boosted transfer of power through the swing into the ball itself.