Golf Stand Bags

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we provide a wide range of golf stand bags which are a firm favourite of golf players. The golf stand bags complete our extensive collection of golf bags and are suitable for all golfers- including beginners and professionals. What Are golf stand bags? The golf stan... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • The main difference between a golf stand bag and a cart bag is that a stand bag is designed to be carried around the course, while a cart bag is better designed to fit into a golf cart. A golf stand bag typically comes with dual shoulder straps, so it’s more comfortable to carry and also lighter. They also feature pop-out legs so you can prop your bag up.

    A cart bag is bigger and heavier and has several features like extra pockets and storage. Its bigger size makes it easier to fit securely into a golf trolley.

  • We stock a range of golf stand bags from various brands, including TaylorMade stand bags, Titleist stand bags, and Callaway stand bags. We don’t have a preference for brands, and each bag is designed to make it easy to carry your clubs comfortably.

    Your choice will often come down to your preferred brand name or design.

    You can easily browse our entire collection of golf stand bags or come down to our golf centre in St Helens.

  • Yes. Even though golf stand bags are designed primarily for golfers who carry their clubs around the course, you can fit your golf stand bag into a cart or trolley for those occasions when you want to take the weight off your shoulders.

  • Yes. We stock a full range of lightweight, waterproof golf stand bags that keep your equipment dry and secure when the weather takes a turn. Simply browse our range of stand bags and choose the design and brand that’s right for you.

    Or come and visit us at our golf centre in St Helens to see our golf stand bags up close.