TaylorMade Golf Stand Bags

If you’re looking to find the latest golf bags- you needn’t look any further than our extensive range of Taylormade golf equipment and accessories. Choosing a stand bag from Taylormade could potentially improve your performance on the golf course today. Taylormade – The Brand Taylormade aims to... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Many TaylorMade golf stand bags are light enough to carry around the course with ease, even if they’re filled with your clubs, golf balls, accessories and more. Because of their lightweight nature, these bags don’t put as much strain on your shoulders, arms and lower back as you may find with other bags you’ve carried on the course. Weighing as light as only 3.9 lbs (without clubs) you can be sure you’ll carry one of these lightweight golf bags from the first hole to the last without any problems.

  • Some bags in TaylorMade’s range are waterproof to help keep your clubs and your belongings dry when you get caught in the rain in the middle of a game. High-quality waterproof construction and sealing means water droplets can’t pass through the fibres of the bag, nor can they seep their way through the seams and zips, for absolute protection. Many of these bags also come with an umbrella holder, to boost your water-repelling efforts, so both you and your clubs can stay fresh and dry at all times.

  • TaylorMade golf stand bags have enough pockets to carry all your golfing essentials, plus a few extra items you may enjoy bringing onto the course. At the lower end, some of the smaller TaylorMade bags feature 6 pockets, which is plenty of space for your golf balls, tees, accessories and more. But the larger TaylorMade stand bags can feature even more pockets or especially large pockets that can hold much more and much larger items, like coats and other pieces of golf clothing.

  • A good quality stand bag could last for several years, it all depends on how often you play golf, how well you treat the bag and how it’s stored. But because TaylorMade golf stand bags are made from durable, high-quality materials, if you treat it right, your bag should last you for years to come. Our best advice is to not throw the bag around too harshly and always keep it secured during travel, so it doesn’t roll and suffer damage. And definitely do not store your bag and clubs in the boot of your car - always store them indoors in a warm, moisture-free environment.