Golf GPS Watches

Looking for a golf GPS watch? A golf GPS watch tells you everything you need to know about your game. From distance to the green on any hole, where the closest hazards are, to your swing speed, a golf GPS watch gives you the finer details you need to choose the right club, hit the right shot, a... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Yes. Golf GPS watches work using satellite technology to identify your location on the golf course and calculate yardages based on your location. They also use this information to offer you details on hazards, distances to the green and the pin, etc.

    All you need to do is select the course you’re playing on and the watch will use your location to provide the details you need as you make your way around each hole.


  • Golf GPS watches have improved their accuracy as technology has progressed. Once upon a time, they’d be able to offer accurate readings within approximately five metres. Today, some golf GPS watches can achieve accurate readings by as close as one or two yards.

  • Yes, some golf GPS watches come preloaded with thousands of golf courses from around the world, packed with all the data you need to have a great game. If you can’t find your course, most watches allow you to download additional courses and information.

  • A golf GPS watch is a device worn by golfers on their wrists, containing various pieces of data related to the course and holes they’re playing.

    Golf rangefinders tend to focus on calculating distances on the golf course and distance-related statistics. Traditional golf rangefinders look similar to binoculars and offer a much-improved view of the golf course when players need a hand.