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Discover the latest Golf Clubs from some of the most renowned golfing brands like Callaway, Ping, Titleist and Wilson Staff, here at Clarkes Golf Centre! We cater for the novice golfer and the professional to ensure that all golfing needs are covered effortlessly, so whatever Golf Equipment you... Show more..
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Cobra Aerojet Golf Hybrid

£149.00 £219.00

Cobra Aerojet Golf Driver

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • There are several types of golf club on the market – but the most important ones typically include the putter, wedge, and driver.

    The putter is the club that low, mid, and high handicap golfers use to make low-speed and short strokes. It allows you to tap the ball into the hole from a short distance.

    The driver, on the other hand, is the one you’ll use at least 14 times per round. It helps you to achieve accurate distances by hitting hard and straight.

    The wedge is usually the highest-lofted club in any golfer’s bag, perfect for pitching and chipping, as well as strokes on the sand and short approach shots. Wedges are a must-have for players who need the ball to ascend before sharply descending.

  • Buying your first set of golf clubs is never easy – especially when there are so many brilliant options to choose from!

    The maximum number of clubs you’re allowed to have in your golf bag is 14. However, you don’t need to acquire a full set at the start of your golfing journey. In fact, you’re better off starting with half a set – including a driver, putter, 3-wood, and odd-numbered irons (3, 5, 7, 9).

    Alternatively, if you’re looking to invest in the very best golf clubs for your game, we recommend arranging a custom fitting. This will allow us to assess parameters, such as your height, swing speed, and technique, before determining which golf clubs will help you to play better, time and time again.

    If you’re a beginner and need help choosing golf clubs, talk to the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre. We’ll be more than happy to guide and advise you in making an informed decision.

  • For your first set of golf clubs, you shouldn’t need to spend much more than a few hundred pounds. This will give you at least 9 decent golf clubs, which is more than enough to get started!

    Buying top-of-the-range clubs separately often works out more expensive than a package set. However, the technology and performance of individual golf clubs can be fine-tuned for the game, helping you to improve your scores.

    Package sets make it easier for you to afford golf clubs. However, you should bear in mind that most sets don’t come with 14 clubs, meaning you’ll have room to add a couple of individual clubs to your golf bag, should you wish to.

    As with all the products we supply here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we can assure you that our golf clubs are available for a fantastic low price. We also promise to price match if you find the same quality golf clubs for less elsewhere.

  • Unfortunately, golf clubs don’t last forever, and there will come a time when you need to replace them.

    You might be tempted to upgrade as soon as new clubs are released and manufacturing brands unveil improved technology, but this really isn’t necessary.

    Typically, it depends on how often you use your golf clubs and how well you care for them, but they should last anywhere from 3 years to a lifetime.

    To ensure your golf clubs last as long as possible, and serve you for countless rounds before they need swapping out for new ones, make sure you clean your clubheads in between every shot. Never put a dirty club back into your golf bag!

    If you’re unsure whether to repair or replace your existing golf clubs, don’t hesitate to contact our experts on 01744 885 294. We’ll do everything we can to help.

  • At Clarkes Golf, we offer a price match guarantee on all of the golf clubs for sale in our store, meaning if you can find the same club on a different site that’s cheaper we’ll match the price for you. But if you’re looking to make a real saving on your golf clubs, we often have multiple golf clubs of all types at discounted prices - these are always highlighted alongside the original price, so you know you’re getting a great deal. Beyond this, keep an eye on our ‘Sale’ section where you can find plenty of golf clubs, accessories and more for great prices.

  • The official rules state that you can not exceed 14 golf clubs in your bag. Technically, there’s nothing stopping you from only having the clubs you really want. But having access to various clubs will encourage you to improve your skills across the board, so you’re able to use the best club in any given scenario at all times. If you’re just starting out, a set of standard golf irons (including wedges) will serve you well, along with a fairway wood. But the key golf clubs no player can do without are golf drivers and golf putters.

  • Every golfer has their own opinion about which golf clubs are best and which manufacturer produces the best clubs. Some players may opt for one of the more recognisable brands, like Ping or Callaway. Some may have found comfort using Wilson or Mizuno golf clubs. The point is, as long as a brand is respected and has a reputation for producing top-quality golf clubs, you’ll likely be in very good hands. Try different clubs as you progress and you’ll soon find the brand that fits you like a glove.

  • All beginners should try to have a good understanding of both the long game and the short game - that means getting to grips with the driver and putter. While the driver will help you launch the ball off the tee as far as possible, hopefully giving you less work to do as you move closer to the hole, the putter is what will secure the good score (or bad score) for you. Statistically, golfers spend more time on the green than any other part of the course, which is why perfecting your putting technique is a good place to start.