Golf Irons

The clubs that make up the majority of most bags, a good set of golf irons will serve you well in a variety of situations on the course, from the first hole to the last. At Clarkes Golf, we’re home to a very wide selection of golf irons and golf iron sets, for those of you seeking to upgrade or ... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Generally, you’ll find the shorter irons (7 iron and below) far easier to hit than your longer irons (3 and 4 irons). This is because shorter irons feature faces with greater lofts, which help you to get under the ball and take a divot, for smooth-feeling strikes. 

    They’re also shorter in the shaft, bringing you closer to the ball, and making your job a lot easier. This is in comparison to long irons which feature longer shafts, as well as faces with lesser lofts. This makes striking the ball more difficult and offers far less forgiveness.


  • There are some golfers with 2 irons and 3 irons in their bags. However, these clubs have become rarer in recent years because a lot of golfers have gravitated towards using fairway woods and hybrids instead, which still offer impressive distance but are much easier to strike. In fact, many golf iron sets begin with the 5 iron as the longest iron, because tastes have shifted away from long irons. 

    However, long irons still remain popular and powerful tools in the bags of more experienced players and professionals who can use these clubs to their fullest.


  • Golf irons are popular to use off the tee on Par 3s, which are always much shorter and require less power to reach the green. Some players also opt to use golf irons off the tee when their view of the fairway is restricted and they don’t want to risk hitting the ball too far, like when playing uphill. This way, you can aim to land the ball as close to the ridge as possible, using an iron with a good amount of loft (like a 7 iron), so you can observe the rest of the fairway once you have a better view and make a decision on your next club of choice.

  • Many golf irons feature a cavity at the back of the club head, as this technology is known to provide a much more forgiving playing experience. This is because the weight has been removed from the centre of the club and has been pushed to the club’s edges, resulting in more forgiving shots for players who catch the ball off-centre. This is in comparison to forged irons (or “muscle back irons”) which do not feature a cavity and are better suited to lower handicap players. 

    Several Cobra golf irons have hollow backs if you’re looking for a new, forgiving set.