Golf Putters

They might not be seen as the most important club in the bag, but choosing the right golf putter can be the difference between nailing that final shot and losing an entire game. So why wouldn’t you put more time and effort into choosing a golf putter that matches your preference precisely? At Cl... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • This is something you’ll discover with time and practice. The more you play golf and the more golf putters you use, the better an understanding you’ll have of which ones feel right to you. For example, some golfers swear by mallet putters, whereas others can’t stand them and prefer to use putters with smaller, slimmer heads.

  • A blade putter is recognised as a far more traditional putter design, one that’s been used for decades. Rather than the head being oversized, it’s a simple rectangular-like design that’s easy to line up and even easier to swing. Pretty much every golfer has used one of these at one point as they make the best beginner putters. 

    A mallet putter has a large head that is shaped like a semi-circle, with much of the weight pushed to the back of the head for added control and balance. While slightly more difficult to swing than a blade putter, it offers great stability in the putting motion.


  • Golf putter manufacturers use different patterns and materials in their putter faces for golfers seeking a specific result on the green. For example, traditional steel putters will mostly have a steel putter face, which is known for being very strong and responsive when putting. However, some steel putter faces can differ in their designs, like the inclusion of milling which offers a softer feel and sound during contact. Some putters also include other additions like deep grooves on putter faces. Much like the grooves found on irons, these benefit stability and ball direction during the strike.

  • If you’re struggling with your putting and you’ve yet to try one, you should give a mallet putter a shot. Their larger heads and weight distribution aid stability in both your swing and your stance, discouraging putter movements that are off your target line, for straighter more consistent putts. Many professionals swear by mallet putters, so they could be worth trying if you want to fix your short game.