Golf Drivers

Golf drivers are the most regulated clubs in golf offering improved adjustability, added forgiveness and promises of even more yardage. An excellent choice for casual games of golf and competitive matches, a golf driver is designed to hit the ball further than any other club and is commonly use... Show more..
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Cobra Aerojet Golf Driver

£299.00 £429.00

Cobra LTDx Golf Driver

£279.00 £399.00

Cobra LTDx Max Golf Driver

£279.00 £399.00

Cobra LTDx LS Golf Driver

£229.00 £399.00

Ping G425 MAX Golf Driver

£349.00 £379.00

Ping G425 SFT Golf Driver

£349.00 £379.00

Ping G425 LST Golf Driver

£349.00 £419.00

Titleist TSi1 Golf Driver

£399.00 £499.00

Titleist TSi2 Golf Driver

£349.00 £499.00

Titleist TSi3 Golf Driver

£399.00 £499.00

Titleist TSi4 Golf Driver

£299.00 £499.00

Mizuno ST-Z Golf Driver

£249.00 £349.00

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • A new golf driver won’t automatically fix problems in your technique, but it might give you some forgiveness if you’re slicing the ball and help your ball fly straighter, even though your swing isn’t perfect. For example, several TaylorMade golf drivers feature a large clubface with an elongated “sweet spot.” This means even if you catch your ball towards the toe or the heel of the clubface, the club will work to make your ball fly straighter than you may see with other golf drivers.

  • This depends on your technique. As a rule of thumb, the slower your swing speed, the greater loft you’ll need on your driver. This is because slow swing speeds usually produce slow ball speeds, which don’t experience as much lift as balls travelling at higher speeds, resulting in shorter shots. A greater loft encourages the ball to fly and roll further, counteracting any loss of power you may experience due to having a slower-than-average swing. If you have a slow swing speed, it could be worth trying a well-lofted golf driver.

  • The power of your drive depends on your swing, not on your driver. Having said that, many golf drivers are crafted with specific golf technology to help the ball fly further, increasing your power. For example, several Ping golf drivers are built with clubheads that utilise ergonomics to cut through the air, raising your swing speed, increasing the force of impact and, overall, boosting your power.

  • If you’re a high handicapper, you should focus on using golf drivers that offer a lot of forgiveness in your swing. That way, if you make a mistake at the tee and accidentally catch your ball towards the toe, heel, base or top of your clubface, you may be able to limit some of the damage and could still end up with a playable shot. These golf drivers usually have large clubheads and clubfaces, like many of the drivers produced by Cobra, which are known to be particularly forgiving.