Callaway Golf Stand Bags

Callaway Golf has produced an exuberant collection of golf carry bags which are deemed perfect for every golfer. The Callaway stand bags that we have available at Clarkes Golf Centre are specifically designed to provide you with a practical solution for carrying golf clubs and distributing the... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Callaway golf stand bags offer plenty of space for your clubs, golf balls, accessories and so much more. Depending on which model you choose, you could get up to a 14-way top, giving you plenty of space for all the clubs you could ever need on the course. You could also get a special pocket to keep all your non-golf-related valuables (wallet, keys, smartphone etc.) warm and dry but readily accessible as you play. Take a look at our range of Callaway golf stand bags to find the bag that gives you the space you need to play the game your way.

  • Yes, some Callaway golf stand bags are made with waterproof materials and waterproof coatings to keep your clubs and belongings free from water damage from the first hole to the last. This is, in part, thanks to quality seam-sealed construction that Callaway has spent years perfecting in previous iterations of their stand bags. Some waterproof Callaway bags also come with rain covers for your clubs, to keep your club heads 100% dry when there’s a downpour. Be sure to check which Callaway golf stand bags are waterproof in the product descriptions.

  • Absolutely. Callaway golf stand bags are built with the care and attention to detail the golf manufacturer has become known for worldwide. The solid, reinforced stand legs make sure your clubs remain upright when you walk away and are still there waiting for you when you return from making your shot. Plus, Callaway is known for using only the highest quality materials in the construction of their bags and golf attire, meaning they’ll still be giving your clubs the protection they deserve years from now if you treat the bag with care.


  • Several Callaway golf stand bags are designed with lightweight materials and straps that make carrying your clubs around the course an absolute breeze. For example, certain models come equipped with a self-balancing strap which works with your body shape and stance to ensure your clubs remain in the correct position as you walk. In other words, you won’t need to haul your clubs off the floor when they fall out of your bag, because this bag will help prevent that from happening, saving you time and energy.