Golf Pencil Bags

When it comes to transporting your golf clubs and accessories around the golf course, we have just the solution for you at Clarkes Golf Centre. To make it easier for you to protect your golf clubs and to transport them, we supply a wide range of golf pencil bags – available for everyday low pri... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Golf pencil bags are simply smaller, slimmer versions of regular golf bags. They’re lighter, so are easier to carry but are still large enough to fit all your clubs, as well as your essential equipment like golf balls and tees.

    Golf pencil bags are most popular with people looking to play a quick nine holes in the evening or players going to the driving range who don’t want to carry a full-sized golf bag.

  • Yes. Despite being slimmer and lighter than full-size golf stand bags or golf cart bags, you can still fit a complete set of clubs into a pencil bag.

  • Although it depends on the make and manufacturer, golf pencil bags tend not to be fully waterproof, although you can still find a range of water resistance pencil bags that will protect your golf clubs and equipment from the rain for a long time.

    Because golf pencil bags tend to be used more for quick evening rounds (like 9-hole games) or for taking selected clubs to the driving range, there’s less need to make them completely waterproof.

  • Absolutely. Although a golf pencil bag may not offer the space you’d find in a golf stand bag or cart bag, they’re still a great investment, particularly for newer players or those who tend to play shorter rounds in the evening.

    A pencil bag can be the best place to start if you're looking for an affordable golf bag.