Golf Rangefinder

Stop worrying whether the club you’ve chosen will give you the distance you need to get to the green and make more accurate shot decisions with the help of a golf rangefinder. Golf rangefinders are great for players of all levels, taking the guesswork out of your club selection. If you’re fed u... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Golf rangefinders are an excellent tool for checking distances to areas on a course like the green and the pin. If you struggle gauging distance when you’re playing golf, a golf rangefinder could be the answer. Or if you like having the convenience of knowing exactly how far you need to hit the ball, you’ll love using a golf rangefinder.

  • It depends on the situation and what you’re looking for. Golf GPS rangefinders, golf GPS watches and laser golf rangefinders will all give you useful information in judging distance on the course. But for direct distances, a laser golf rangefinder will generally offer a more accurate reading.

  • Laser golf rangefinders use laser technology to accurately measure distances to the pin, or other points on a golf course. You just point the laser rangefinder at the target, the laser then hits the target and bounces back to the rangefinder. The rangefinder determines the distance by noting the time taken for the laser signal to return, offering very accurate readings.

  • Golf rangefinders don’t tell you which golf club to use. But by offering accurate readings on yardage, they help you make an informed decision about which club to use, based on how far each club hits the ball and how far you’re personally able to hit the ball with each club.