Mizuno Golf Balls

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Mizuno has put countless hours of time and energy into the technology behind their signature golf balls, creating balls that are designed for both speed and distance. For example, their use of “C-Dimple” technology helps air flow close to the ball’s surface and skim past, rather than catching, to reduce drag, encouraging a faster and further ball flight. This also helps the ball cut through the air in windy conditions, reducing the effect of wind coming from different directions, and helping the ball stay on its original flight path.

  • The beauty of having many golf balls to choose from is the opportunity to improve your game in different departments - things like distance, speed and ball spin. But with so much choice, things can get a little confusing. If you’re wondering which Mizuno golf balls are right for your game, be sure to read our product listings carefully, to find the qualities you’re looking for. Or, if you need a helping hand, don’t be afraid to speak with us at Clarkes Golf. Our experience in golf balls and players of all kinds means we’re ideally situated to find your perfect golf ball.

  • One of the reasons Mizuno has attracted a lot of attention to their golf balls is their use of differing dimples between balls. The average golf ball has just over 300 dimples, which is why Mizuno’s choices are interesting. On the lower end, some of their balls have 272 dimples for a more visually pleasing piece. But on the upper end, some Mizuno golf balls have a massive 566 dimples, made up of larger standard-sized dimples and what Mizuno calls “micro dimples.” The company claim this is designed to delay the rate of descent past the apex of flight, for a longer drop.

  • Mizuno golf balls offer excellent flight and reduced resistance for golfers of all levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional. Playing with a quality golf ball right off the bat as a beginner is a great way to eliminate issues in your shots that could be a result of low-quality balls, like reduced distance and poor spin control. If you want to improve your game, start by using a ball that will give you brilliant results when your form is on-point like Mizuno golf balls