Srixon Golf Stand Bags

Srixon is a renowned name in the golfing world. Srixon Golf can help you to improve your game of golf by providing you with the protection that you need. Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply the Srixon stand bag or carry bag which is designed to make it easier for you to carry and store your ... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Srixon puts a great focus on the comfort of its bags, helping players feel fatigue-free as they walk around the course. The shoulder straps on Srixon golf stand bags are padded to prevent skin irritation and muscle pain. They’re also built with ergonomics in mind, helping the player carrying the bag to remain upright and encouraging good posture - something that all golfers can benefit from. If you’re looking for a bag that helps your back, neck and shoulders stay feeling their best during play, check out Srixon golf stand bags.

  • Many Srixon golf stand bags are super slim, offering players a lightweight and more space-efficient option when compared to stand bags they may have used in the past. They’re also made with thinner, lightweight materials that don’t weigh you down over time. Meaning even when you’ve got all your clubs, golf balls, accessories and more tucked away in the bag, carrying it will still feel like an easy job compared to some of the bulkier, more intimidating bags on the market.

  • Some Srixon golf stand bags feature a special waterproof coating and robust materials to prevent water from seeping into your bag - meaning you can carry all your clubs and other belongings with confidence they’ll keep dry. This includes water-sealed zippers, too, just in case you were worried water may find a way through your bag’s weak spots. But even some of the Srixon golf stand bags that aren’t waterproof come with a special rain hood, to protect your club heads from rain droplets - which can damage the metal over time - when you get caught in a storm. Always read the product description thoroughly to check the waterproof qualities of your bag.


  • Whichever Srixon golf stand bag you opt for, you’ll find it has plenty of room to store your clubs, accessories and personal belongings. If you’re the type of player that likes to bring the kitchen sink with you on the course, one of the larger bags in Srixon’s lineup will suit you perfectly. These bags come with large, oversized pockets, to store some of the chunkier items you may carry, like coats and umbrellas. But even the smaller Srixon bags have enough space for all your golfing essentials and more.