Spikeless Golf Shoes

Want to be able to transition seamlessly from the clubhouse to the final green? Be sure to browse our fantastic range of men’s spikeless golf shoes. Spikeless shoes are the perfect option for rounds of golf in the summertime. Unlike their spiked counterparts, they don’t have spikes on the botto... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Absolutely! Every pair of men’s spikeless golf shoes available to buy at Clarkes’ Golf Centre is manufactured with comfort and style in mind.

    Spikeless shoes are lightweight and flexible. Instead of having spikes or cleats on the bottom, they have a flat outsole with rubber studs or dimples – making them perfect for use on the course, at the driving range, in the clubhouse, or even the pub after a round of golf.

    Spikeless golf shoes are best when the ground gets firmer, as you don’t want to feel the individual spikes pressing into the sole of your foot as you make your way across the links. They’re also more breathable than their spiked counterparts, which is ideal if you’re playing golf in the warmer months. They will keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the round.

  • The chances are, spikeless golf shoes won’t last as long as traditional spiked golf shoes as they are going to be worn much more frequently – both on and off the course.

    Though it often depends on how many rounds of golf you play each year, you should be able to get a good few years out of your spikeless golf shoes before you need to invest in a new pair.

    If your spikeless golf shoes are strictly reserved for the course, and you properly maintain and store them, they may last even longer still!

    When the grip has worn down too much for them to be considered effective on the golf course, all is not lost. Thanks to their modern sneaker-like style, spikeless golf shoes can still be worn casually, complementing virtually any smart-casual outfit combo.

    If you could do with a spare pair, be sure to take a look at the extensive range of men’s spikeless golf shoes we stock here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

  • Men’s spikeless golf shoes prove most popular in the summer months when the conditions are warm and dry.

    Unless you’re lucky enough to play at a course that stays relatively dry all year round, the course will likely get very muddy, very quickly in the winter.

    Whilst spiked shoes provide more grip on soggy ground, you’d be surprised how much traction a pair of spikeless golf shoes will provide during your swing. And when the ground is softer, you can relax knowing that your footwear will do less damage to the putting greens.

    The great thing about spikeless golf shoes is they look just like trainers, so you can wear them on the course and anywhere else, whenever you like. You can drive in them and stop off for refreshments on the way to the course.

    Spikeless shoes are ideal for holidays where you’ll be playing a bit of golf in the morning and spending the rest of the day sightseeing. They’re lightweight, so easy to pack, and you needn’t worry about taking an extra pair of shoes to change into.

  • Spikeless golf shoes have quickly become the preferred choice of many amateur and tour players, and it’s easy to see why, as they are exceptionally lightweight and comfortable.

    Here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we stock some of the best men’s spikeless golf shoes from renowned brands, including Adidas, Duca Del Cosma, Ecco, FootJoy, Nike, and Skechers – to name just a few.

    Some spikeless golf shoes are made from waterproof materials, meaning they can be worn in wet conditions and keep your feet dry whilst you’re stood on the links. Choose between water-resistant footwear and fully waterproof options.

    A decent pair of men’s spikeless golf shoes will provide a snug fit – preventing your feet from sliding when you walk and giving you enough room to wiggle your toes comfortably.

    Luckily, we stock all sizes, starting from a UK 6, right the way up to a UK 13. European sizes and half sizes are also available, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find footwear that fits perfectly.

    For help choosing your next pair of spikeless golf shoes, call our specialists on 01744 885 294.