Mizuno Golf Stand Bags

Before you can play a game of golf, you need to think about how you’re going to carry your golf clubs out on to the golf course- what about a Mizuno golf stand bag from Clarkes Golf Centre? Mizuno Golf – The Brand As a brand, Mizuno design and manufacture equipment that boasts practicality and ... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Several Mizuno golf stand bags come with waterproof properties to help keep your clubs, golf balls, accessories and valuables dry on the course when you get caught in a shower. For example, Mizuno has added waterproof zippers to many of the compartments on its golf stand bags, to prevent water droplets from seeping through what are, traditionally, the weakest points on your bag. This and other examples of attention to detail are why Mizuno is respected throughout the sport by amateurs and professionals alike. Always check the specific details of the product listing to make sure any waterproofing is up to your standard.

  • Yes, Mizuno golf stand bags are built to be as lightweight and enjoyable to carry as possible. Certain models of Mizuno golf bags come in at a ridiculously light 2kg, making them some of the lightest and easiest to carry on the market today. That means, even with the addition of a full set of clubs, balls and accessories, you’ll still feel as light as a feather when you’re walking around the course compared to how other bags can weigh you down and cause fatigue. For an easy-going golf bag experience, choose Mizuno.

  • You’ll have plenty of space to store everything you need for a great round of golf in Mizuno golf stand bags. Whichever bag you choose, you’ll have space for all your essentials and more. But if you opt for one of the higher-end bags from Mizuno, you’ll be giving yourself space for days thanks to Mizuno’s 6-pocket design, which can hold anything from smaller, intricate items like keys and wallets, to larger more intrusive items like umbrellas and large coats. If you need to keep things on you while you’re on the course, you’ll find the space with Mizuno.

  • Of course. Along with the usual structural advantages you’d find in any golf bag worth its salt, some models of Mizuno golf bags come with an integrated club guard system. This system differentiates the heights of your clubs, preventing the club heads from striking each other during movement. This striking can cause your clubs to damage each other and seriously affect your game, so investing in a Mizuno golf stand bag with this kind of system is a wise move, especially if you’re using brand-new (or near-to-new) clubs.