Waterproof Golf Bags

Don’t let a soggy grip ruin your round. Keep your golf clubs and golf equipment protected and dry, even in the wettest weather, with a waterproof golf bag. At Clarke’s Golf, we supply a great range of waterproof golf bags, including waterproof cart bags and waterproof stand bags from all the lea... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Waterproof golf bags are a great investment. They help keep your clubs and equipment dry during rainy spells on the course. This will help your clubs, and anything else in your bag, last longer and be more reliable duing play. Plus, you’ll save time having to wipe down your clubs every time you go to take a shot.

  • Apart from when you remove them from the bag, yes. Waterproof golf bags are designed specifically to prevent any rain from entering the bag, keeping your clubs completely closed off from the elements. They’re coated in special waterproofing materials for ultimate protection.

  • All the top brands in golf have a variety of waterproof golf bags that will help keep your equipment safe and dry regardless of the weather.


    There isn’t a particular brand we’d recommend. The best thing to do is browse our selection and see which one meets your demands - or simply looks the best.

  • That depends entirely on your budget. But as with most sports gear, the general rule is the more you spend the higher quality product you’re going to get. A lot of time, ingenuity and money went into creating waterproof golf bags, so rest assured you get your money’s worth. Waterproof golf bags at Clarkes Golf are available at a range of prices to suit any budget.