Mens Golf Jackets

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Most men’s golf jackets are lightweight to allow you to walk and swing freely during play, without restricting movement. Light material means golf jackets are easy to carry, and fit comfortably in any bag without adding any serious weight.

  • All men’s golf jackets are different. But waterproof golf jackets offer a barrier between you and the rain to keep you dry during a round. The material waterproof golf jackets are made from provides exceptional dryness and comfort. These are often natural fabrics which have been sealed with a thin waterproof coating.

  • A golf windbreaker jacket is a piece of golf outerwear designed to repel the wind, to prevent golfers from being affected by cold temperatures. Golf windbreaker jackets are also good at fending off light rain, helping golfers remain warm and dry during games.

  • When it comes to choosing golf outerwear, you should focus on the weather conditions you expect to play in. Rainy weather demands a waterproof golf jacket, whereas warmer and clearer conditions might call for something like a short-sleeved golf jacket.