Mens Golf Shorts

Golf shorts are a must-have for when the weather gets warmer. We supply the golf shorts in several styles, sizes and colours to accommodate even the most diverse demands. Our golf shorts are available in all top brands, including Adidas, Callaway, Footjoy and Ping to name just a few! Any of the... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • There are many different varieties of men’s golf shorts, with something to cater to your personal golf style. For example, the classic formal trouser-style shorts are perfect for those who want to stay cool on the course while respecting the club’s dress code. On the other hand, there are more informal golf shorts made from lightweight, more breathable materials that are similar to the style of swimming shorts. There are men’s golf shorts with fun and eye-catching designs, too. Take a look at our full collection to find the perfect shorts for you.

  • There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the styles of men’s golf shorts and regular shorts, but there are specific design traits that assist play. Specifically, some golf shorts are far more formal in appearance than many regular shorts, but carry advantages that help golfers on the course, like breathability, stretchability and the addition of waterproof layers. They may look similar, but golf attire manufacturers take a lot of time and effort in crafting their golf shorts, to give players of all levels the best experience on the golf course.

  • Absolutely. In fact, most golf shorts are designed in such a way that you’d never think they were made specifically for the golf course at all. Most men’s golf shorts resemble simple formal trouser shorts that would look perfectly suitable for day-to-day wear. So if you’re planning on playing a round and then heading out with your friends for a few hours, you don’t have to worry about getting funny looks for wearing formal golf attire.

  • While standard shorts are made to help our skin receive more air and stay cool, this doesn’t always do a good enough job on the course. This is why some men’s golf shorts are made with breathable fabric to help players stay cool and dry from the very first tee to their last shot of the day. A worthwhile investment for those hot summer months on the course.