Golf Hybrids

As the name suggests, you get the best of both worlds with hybrid golf clubs. Designed to be a cross between fairway woods and irons, these special clubs haven’t been around for that long but have already made a huge impact on the golf game as a whole. TaylorMade began producing hybrid golf club... Show more..
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Cobra Aerojet Golf Hybrid

£149.00 £219.00

Cobra Air-X Golf Hybrid

£129.00 £159.00

Cobra LTDx Golf Hybrid

£125.00 £179.00

Cobra RADSPEED Golf Hybrid

£149.00 £189.00

Ping G425 Golf Hybrid

£189.00 £199.00

Srixon ZX Golf Hybrid

£139.00 £199.00

Titleist TSi1 Golf Hybrid

£169.00 £225.00

Titleist TSi3 Golf Hybrid

£198.00 £225.00

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • That’s down to your personal preference. The reason a lot of golfers reach for their hybrid clubs instead of their long irons is that they find the long irons intimidating. This is with good reason, though, as long irons are notoriously difficult to hit for less experienced players. Whereas a reliable hybrid, like Callaway hybrid clubs, can offer you similar distances to your long irons, while being much easier to hit and having a more responsive feel, in a similar sensation as your fairway woods. 

    We’d never tell you to ignore long irons entirely, but until you feel more confident in using them, a hybrid club will serve you well.


  • Some people refer to hybrid clubs as “rescue clubs” because they’ve become known for getting many players out of tricky situations or lies on the course. For example, hybrid clubs often work well on shots where players are trapped in deep rough. This is because the club head has a much wider base than an iron, allowing it to chop through long grass and give the ball enough height to launch out of the grass on impact.

  • If you’re looking to hit a more controlled, accurate shot off the tee, but you’re worried you won’t be able to achieve this with a driver, a hybrid golf club is a good alternative. You’ll be sacrificing some power, but by treating your tee shot with a hybrid club similarly to an iron shot, you have a better chance of hitting the ball straight. Just make sure you don’t tee your ball too high as hybrid clubs are designed to catch the ball from the fairway, meaning they respond best when they’re struck closer to the base of the club.

  • This differs from player to player. But hybrid clubs are generally considered easier to hit than fairway woods. Despite the fact they have smaller heads than fairway woods, meaning there’s less surface area to catch on the clubface, the shorter shafts on hybrid clubs bring you closer to the ball, offering greater control over your shot.