Push Golf Trolleys

Gone are the days where you need to pull a thick, clunky, heavy-framed golf trolley around the golf course. Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply an extensive range of modern, practical and colourful trolleys in leading brands, such as Big Max and Motocaddy, so you should have no trouble findi... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Although some players prefer to carry their clubs around the golf course, there are several reasons why you might consider using a push golf trolley.

    One of the biggest advantages of using a push cart is that it saves you energy. You won’t need to carry your bag, meaning you’ll feel fresher on the final few holes and be able to execute the shots you need to lower your score.

    Something else worth noting about golf trolleys is that they reduce the risk of injury – saving your back and shoulders – allowing you to play golf for longer, without any unnecessary discomfort.

    Golf trolleys help to speed up the game. Because you’re not carrying a heavy bag on your back, you’ll be able to walk at a faster pace.

  • There’s no denying that it’s easier to push a golf trolley than to pull one – not to mention less taxing on the shoulders.

    Instead of having to reach back and pull the cart behind you, push golf trolleys transfer energy from the natural walking position to the wheels. This makes it easier for you to cart your clubs across the green.

    These golf trolleys often have ergonomic handles that help to reduce the strain on golfers’ shoulders. Aside from this, they are better at rolling down the fairway than pull carts and easier to control.

    If you’d like to know more about push golf carts so you can make an informed decision, be sure to get in touch with the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

  • The price you’ll pay for a push trolley is dependent on numerous factors, particularly the brand, design and features.

    At Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we provide push trolleys from renowned brands, such as Axglo, Big Max and Motocaddy, for less than £300.

    We pride ourselves on competitive prices and regularly provide discounted rates, allowing you to benefit from innovative equipment without breaking the bank.

    Take a look at the range of push golf carts in full and click through for more information about the trolley’s specifications. We’re confident you’ll find something to suit your budget.

  • Unfortunately, not all push golf trolleys are created equal, and some will last longer than others.

    With the appropriate care and maintenance, you can expect your golf cart to last for many years to come. Be sure to store your golf push cart indoors, not in a shed or your car boot, as changes in temperature and dampness can affect its condition.

    Check the axle and any bolts and bearings on your golf trolley and its wheels regularly. If you encounter any stiffness, lubricate them thoroughly using WD-40 or a similar product. If excess dirt or grime builds up after a game, you can use simple hot, soapy water to clean your golf trolley and help prolong its life.

    It’s also worth having your push golf trolley serviced at least once every 12 months. This way, issues can be identified and rectified properly.