Ping Golf Stand Bags

If you’re new to the golfing world, a brand that you might be more familiar with is Ping. Ping is famous for designing and creating innovative golfing equipment, such as golf clubs, golf balls and other accessories. Any equipment that we supply, here at Clarkes Golf Centre, from the Ping brand ... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Some Ping golf stand bags are waterproof, to help protect your clubs, golf balls, accessories and personal items from water damage when the weather turns sour. These bags feature special waterproofing measures like seam-sealed pockets, to make sure stray water droplets don’t seep through the weakest parts of your stand bag. Plus, PU resin-coated material helps rain glide straight off your bag, like water off a duck’s back, so it doesn’t have time to soak in. Always read the specific product listing of each stand bag to check its waterproofing qualities before you buy.

  • Several bags in the Ping golf stand bags lineup are built to be as lightweight as possible, offering golfers a solution to aching backs and shoulders and strenuous trips around the golf course. These bags are slimmer and much lighter than other stand bags on offer from Ping, making them much easier to carry even when they’re filled with your clubs, accessories and more. Weighing as little as 5 lbs, walking around the course with these stand bags on your back will feel like a breeze compared to other stand bags you’ve used.

  • Ping golf stand bags have won numerous awards for their design, quality and durability, making them a top choice if you’re looking for a stand bag to both protect your clubs and make you stand out on the course. Certain Ping bags feature scratch-resistant leg guards that can protect the legs - and other parts of the stand bag - from taking damage when using a golf trolley or when your golf clubs are on the move in a car. But all of Ping’s bags are structurally impressive and will survive well even if the bag tips over in strong winds. Treat your bag right and it should last for years to come.

  • Ping golf stand bags are known for their excellent storage options. Some of the larger Ping bags even feature pockets that go into double digits, giving you plenty of space for whatever you need to bring on the course. You can fit everything from your clubs to coats and even umbrellas. Many of these pockets are also padded, in case you were afraid some of your more delicate belongings could get damaged or broken while you move around the golf course. Whichever Ping bag you choose, you’ll have enough space for everything you need.