Winter Golf Shoes

Golf is a game that can be played all year round. Whilst it makes sense to have clubs and clothing that can withstand the elements, it also pays to have a pair of winter golf shoes on your feet. More rain is inevitable in the winter. And when it comes to warmth, traction and grip in wetter cond... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Winter golf shoes are built specifically to withstand the winter elements - elements that other golf shoes might not stand up to so well. Firstly, many winter golf shoes are thicker and slightly larger than your average summer golf shoe, not only helping to keep your feet warm but dry as well. Their larger appearance is what leads many people to refer to them as winter golf boots, rather than winter golf shoes. But make no mistake, their dense and durable nature, along with their special construction and waterproof properties will protect your feet in rain, sleet or snow.

  • Technically, you could. Winter golf shoes can still come in handy in certain conditions that occur outside of winter, like rain and sometimes sleet. But as the months begin to get warmer, these golf shoes wouldn’t be as effective as your feet would benefit more from a lightweight, more free-feeling golf shoe. So if it’s raining, you could wear your winter golf shoes, no problem. But other than that, save them for the winter months and wear a pair of shoes that are suitable to the climate you’re currently in.

  • Not necessarily, but it’s a very good idea. You could still play golf in winter with golf shoes that are more appropriate for summer months, like lightweight and breathable golf shoes, but your feet won’t be kept in the best condition. Firstly, breathable golf shoes won’t keep your feet as dry and warm as winter golf shoes in sleet or snow - the ice will melt and seep through the material if they’re not waterproof, causing you discomfort. It’s always wisest to play golf in attire that matches the weather conditions. So if you plan on playing in winter, pick up a pair of winter golf shoes.

  • Winter golf shoes are built to be very durable and long-lasting. Of course, how long your shoes will last will depend on how often you play in them, the conditions you’re playing in regularly, and how well you take care of them. But if you clean your shoes regularly, removing any stray dirt or stones that could cause corrosion if left unchecked, and you store them somewhere warm and indoors with very little moisture, there’s no reason your winter golf shoes won’t last for years to come.