Mens Golf Waterproofs

Golf waterproofs are a firm favourite of the professional and amateur golfer, especially those who are keen to keep warm and dry throughout their game of golf. Although choosing golf waterproofs from Clarkes Golf Centre will prevent you from being weighed down and overly saturated as a result ... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Waterproof trousers make a useful addition to any golfer’s wardrobe, especially in the UK, where wet weather is inevitable. Whether you actually need them, though, depends on how often you play and if you brave the harsh winter months.

    For example, if you’re a casual golfer who only plays a couple of times a year, you may prefer not to shell out on waterproof golf trousers that will barely be worn. However, if you regularly visit the golf course, keeping a pair handy in your golf bag can be a real boon – just in case the heavens open mid-way through your round. You can trust that you’ll stay warm and dry no matter what!

    To find out more about the waterproof golf trousers we supply here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, and the benefits they can bring to your game, talk to our team today.

  • Waterproof golf jackets don’t come cheap, so you want to be confident that you’re purchasing the very best.

    Of course, you want to opt for outerwear that looks great – complementing your stylish look on the course – but you also want to trust that it will keep your upper body dry and won’t restrict your swing.

    Check whether the jacket is 100% waterproof, rainproof, or windproof. If you’re a seasoned player, be sure to opt for a fully waterproof jacket to provide you with optimal protection on the links. A windproof coat will shield you in blustery conditions, but won’t keep you as warm and dry.

    Another important factor to consider when choosing men’s golf waterproofs is playability. You need to be able to swing freely without the weather getting the better of you and zips getting in the way.

    It also helps to try it on for size, to ensure it fits comfortably. It shouldn’t be too baggy or long. Nor should it be snug across the back or under the arms.

    For help choosing the perfect waterproof golf jacket, get in touch with Clarkes’ Golf Centre on 01744 419 914.

  • Most waterproof golf jackets don’t come with a rain hood, which explains why golfers usually opt to wear a waterproof golf hat.

    Waterproof jackets zip up tight to your neck – providing a neat look and retaining as much heat as possible. Unless the hood fits tightly around the face, it’s likely to obstruct your view, which can drastically impact your performance.

    In windy conditions, it’s likely to blow down and become a distraction – diverting your attention away from the game.

    To find out more about waterproof golf jackets, and why they rarely feature a hood, contact our specialists.

  • The price you’ll pay for men’s golf waterproofs depends on whether you need a full suit or just a jacket, the quality of the product, and the manufacturing brand.

    The best waterproof clothing usually comes with an expensive price tag – but offers unrivalled comfort and protection against the elements, which is ideal if you often play in testing weather conditions.

    To establish how much you can expect to spend on golf waterproofs, scroll through the extensive collection on our website. Use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow your options down and click through to find out more about the product’s specifications.

    We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices, and we’re confident you’ll find the waterproof apparel you need to play golf comfortably in all weathers!