Mizuno Golf Shoes

Mizuno made its name as a brand producing some of the most beloved running shoes in the world. Thankfully for golfers, that dedication has crossed over into their golf shoe efforts. Mizuno golf shoes are made with the same exceptional attention to detail as their previous shoes, for a high-quali... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Mizuno has been creating some of the highest-quality running shoes for decades - running shoes that have been worn by professional athletes the world over. Thankfully, the company’s expertise in the running shoe market has seamlessly crossed over into Mizuno golf shoes too. These shoes are made with the same exceptional materials and craftsmanship, all catered to give golfers the best experience possible on the course. If you’re tired of wearing the same old golf shoes year after year, give Mizuno golf shoes a try.

  • Some Mizuno golf shoes are waterproof, yes. These shoes are built with ultra-durable uppers that prevent any liquids from passing through the shoe, including rain droplets and any unfortunate spills. This means, even when you get caught in a terrible downpour in the middle of a game, your feet will stay warm and dry so you can continue playing your best. If you’re looking for a reliable waterproof golf shoe that looks professional and is built to last, consider looking at waterproof Mizuno golf shoes.

  • Absolutely. Thanks to the company’s exceptional experience in creating sports shoes of all kinds, Mizuno golf shoes are always ranked as some of the most comfortable golf shoes in the game. Their high traction durable soles are designed to absorb impact as well as fit to the precise contours of your foot, for a shoe that works with your feet as you play, not against them. By the end of a full eighteen holes, your feet will still feel as fresh and energised as when you first stepped out onto the tee hours earlier.

  • There’s zero chance of you being able to wear spiked Mizuno golf shoes off the course - the spikes would be ruined on any number of hard surfaces you’ll walk on. But we wouldn’t recommend wearing spikeless Mizuno golf shoes off the course, either. This is because Mizuno has designed the base of the shoes to offer plenty of traction on the golf course, so you can maintain and build power through your swing. These bases could be damaged by walking excessively on concrete, so it’s always best to stick to the course when wearing them.