Srixon Golf Balls

Looking for golf balls that suit your style of play and your pocket? Well, look no further than our fantastic collection of Srixon golf balls. From practice golf balls to distance balls and soft feel balls – available in an assortment of different colours and at various price points – there’s s... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Along with having various colour options aside from the standard white, some Srixon golf balls use multiple colours in a split-colour design. This type of mixed colour design is perfect if you’re worried about losing balls in the rough or trees – as they’re much easier to see than solid coloured golf balls.

    Srixon says this style also helps in lining-up putts, with the line created between the two colours creating a line that can be followed straight to the hole.


  • One of the benefits of Srixon golf balls over other brands is the sheer number of different golf balls they have available. For example, if you want to put more spin onto your ball and control your speed better on the green, Srixon’s soft feel golf balls will be your best bet. Or if you have a moderate swing speed and want to get a little more power behind your ball, Srixon’s Z-Star collection helps you get a few extra yards on your drives.

  • Srixon has several big names under their banner like Shane Lowry, Keegan Bradley and Ernie Els who regularly use Srixon golf balls, clubs and other gear. Another golf star to emerge from the Srixon family in recent years is 2021 Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama. Matsuyama can often be seen crushing Srixon golf balls off the tee in practice and tournament play.

  • Many players put their faith in Srixon golf balls for solid contact and distance off the tee, as well as distance with their woods and irons. Srixon balls are specifically designed to give you greater distance with less power, thanks to their use of aerodynamics in reducing wind resistance and excellent striking compression for a powerful transfer of energy every time. If you want to stop falling just short of the green, Srixon golf balls will help you earn those extra few yards you’ve been shooting for.