Garmin Golf GPS

Golf GPS watches have never been more popular around the world, with players of all experience levels swapping their usual timepieces for stylish, smart golf watches on the course. But Garmin Golf GPS watches have established themselves as the cream of the crop in the golf watch space - not onl... Show more..
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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Most Garmin Golf GPS watches are not fully waterproof - so it wouldn’t be a good move to accidentally drop it in a water hazard when you get stuck. However, some Garmin golf watches are built with water-resistant qualities, meaning they’re able to survive light to moderate water landing on the watch's face. This makes them perfectly safe to use when you get caught in a downpour on the course. 

    Having said that, if you’d rather your watch avoid contact with the water entirely, you can always easily tuck it beneath your sleeve when the rain starts to fall. Always be sure to check the product listing for waterproofing and water-resistant properties before making a purchase, and feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

  • This depends entirely on you - you’re the one hitting the ball! But the advantages Garmin Golf GPS watches offer mean you could make wiser decisions on the course and, in turn, reach the hole in fewer shots, ultimately lowering your score. For example, if you’re unable to see the pin from a certain angle, or you’re simply unable to tell how far away the hole is, the watch will be able to tell you. Within an impressive range, it can tell you how many yards away the hole is, allowing you to make an educated club choice. Hopefully, this should result in you reaching the green and not overstriking the ball with the wrong club, or falling short.

  • Many Garmin Golf GPS watches come pre-built with data from thousands of courses around the world. This means that when you’re on the course, the GPS system within the watch is able to note your position and offer accurate yardages and club selections by cross-referencing this data with the available course data. Alternatively, some Garmin golf watches allow you to take things one step further and pair the watch with the Garmin app on your phone, offering you an even clearer picture of your remaining yardage and routes to the green.

  • With so much movement, Garmin understood that bumps and scrapes can happen on the golf course, which is why many of their golf watches are built to be far more rugged than other watches on the market. At first glance, Garmin Golf GPS watches may appear slightly bulkier than standard watches - this is by design. Garmin has chosen to pair some of their watches with durable yet flexible silicone bands, along with ceramic bezels for an extra touch of elegance and durability around the watch face. Add to this Garmin’s water-resistant properties and you’ve got a golf watch that’s built to last.