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Titleist T200 Golf Irons Vs Ping i59 Golf Irons

Titleist and Ping are both leading golf club manufacturers.

Titleist was formed in 1932 as a specialist golf ball producer, whilst Ping started as a putter manufacturer in 1959. Over the years, both brands have evolved and now provide golf equipment to suit all handicap levels.

But the question is, who makes the better golf clubs?

Allow the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre to outline the key features and benefits of the Titleist T200 and Ping i59 irons, to help you decide which will benefit your game the most.


Titleist T200 golf irons

The Titleist T200 irons are player’s irons – ideal for mid to low handicappers who strike the ball well but require a little extra forgiveness and power.

The new T200 takes all the best features from older models and shrinks them into a compact, tour-ready shape.

On top of this, the T200 golf irons from Titleist feature streamlined Max Impact technology, which acts as a springboard behind the face and helps to boost ball speed.

Although it’s not the longest or most forgiving option within the T-series, it has an L-shaped face insert that expands the sweet spot out to the toe, whilst increasing ball speeds and providing a solid feel.


Pros of T200 irons

  • Consistent distance
  • Enhanced MOI (moment of inertia)
  • Optimal workability
  • Soft feel
  • Faster ball speeds


Cons of T200 irons

  • Not recommended for high handicap golfers – suits better ball strikers
  • Expensive


Ping i59 irons

Much like the T200, Ping’s i59 golf irons are forgiving player’s-performance irons, great for golfers with low, single-digit handicaps.

These clubs have a thin topline and clean, streamlined look, which is often desired by better players. They also deliver a crisp yet consistent impact, along with a flighted trajectory.

The Ping i59 irons feature AlumiCore™ technology, which saves approximately 30g of material by moving it from the centre of the clubhead to the toe and shaft tip. This effectively increases the moment of inertia (MOI) and provides more forgiveness – allowing you to achieve more distance on strikes away from the sweet spot.


Pros of i59 irons

  • Tour-preferred styling
  • Stable, solid feel at impact
  • Machined MicroMax™ grooves reduce fliers in short irons and maximise spin in long irons
  • Higher MOI means they achieve an unprecedented level of forgiveness in a forged design
  • Consistent spin rates and ball flight, even from the rough


Cons of i59 irons

  • A niche product – mostly aimed at the elite golfer
  • Hefty price tag


How do they compare?

The Titleist T200 irons and Ping i59 irons share several similarities – but one key difference between them is the distance they provide.

For instance, when struck properly, the T200’s can produce more ball speed and distance than the i59 irons.

The Ping i59 golf irons are smooth, accurate and workable – making them an excellent choice for low handicap players. Titleist’s T200 irons are more forgiving than their predecessors (T100) and offer a new and improved feel, which is ideal for low and mid handicappers alike.


Treat yourself to a new set of golf irons today

As a leading golf superstore, Clarkes’ Golf Centre stocks an extensive range of golf clubs for golfers of all ages and abilities – including the Titleist T200 irons and the Ping i59 irons with steel shafts (and graphite shafts).

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If you have any questions about the Ping and Titleist irons, or you can’t decide which ones to buy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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