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Golf Towels

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we stock the latest golf towels and trends from top brands, including Callaway, Cleveland, Motocaddy, Taylormade and many more.

No matter how much golf experience you have, we can bet that you’re accustomed to holding the golf club in a certain way – and anything can throw you off swing. So why not give yourself every chance of a clean strike using a golf bag towel from Clarkes Golf?

Golf towels are important tools for golf and serve a variety of purposes – many golfers would be lost without them.

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When golf clubs aren’t clean, shots are less accurate. Many golfers use golf bag towels to dry equipment and to prevent them from getting rusty – sustaining their quality for longer. A slippery grip will also affect your accuracy but a towel enables you to maintain a comfortable grip on golf clubs.

In hot weather, golfers appreciate having a golf bag towel as it effectively removes sweat from the hands and face, and can be used to wipe down the grip of the club. Golfers feel that wiping clubs can enhance stickiness, improving their grip on the club and allowing them to play consistently.

Great for rainy days out on the golf course too, a golf bag towel can absorb moisture and keep your hands dry, allowing you to grip the club comfortably. What’s more, it can easily be folded up and carried inside your golf bag or attached to the outside of your bag using the loop attachment. When the green is wet, you can dry the ball off with a towel as soon as you’ve putted – making sure your equipment is clean and ready for the next hole.

Whether it be a micro fibre towel or a players towel, make sure you have one handy when you’re playing golf to give yourself the best possible opportunity to play to your true potential.

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All our golf bag towels are priced competitively, here at Clarkes and we accommodate the budgets of all customers. You’re bound to find yourself spoilt for choice but if you’re unsure which towel to choose, our experts can guide and advise you in making the right choice.

Call us on 01744 885 294 or email [email protected] today.

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