Golf Fairway Woods

One of the most versatile clubs in any golfer’s bag, a good fairway wood will help you gain excellent distance on the course as well as help you get out of a few sticky situations. Fairway woods are like drivers in a lot of ways, with some key differences that’ll open up many more shots for you ... Show more..
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Cobra Air-X Golf Fairway

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • A fairway wood looks and feels like a miniature driver. Their heads are smaller and lighter but are designed in a similar shape using mostly the same materials. You’ll use them most often on longer holes like Par 5s, when you’ve hit an impressive drive, but still have a considerable distance left to go. Fairway woods give you greater distances than your irons, making them ideal to hit off the fairway when you’re still over 180 yards from the hole.TaylorMade fairway woods always prove to be popular, so they’re worth looking into if you need a new club. 


  • When hitting a driver off the tee, you have the advantage of a tee giving your ball some height, so the driver can strike the ball without catching the ground. But with fairway woods, you don’t have this luxury, despite the fact they look and feel similar to drivers. This means you need to catch the ball cleanly off the fairway, or even take a divot. This can be more difficult than when using irons, which naturally cut through grass and mud on impact thanks to their shape.

  • You can if you’d like. Hitting fairway woods off the tee is a popular choice for golfers on longer Par 3s, where an iron shot might not give you quite the distance you need to reach the green. 

    They can also be useful when you don’t need to hit a full driver shot but still need impressive distance, like on dog leg holes where you need to hit the ball over 200 yards to reach the turn.

    If you do use a fairway wood off the tee, just make sure you don’t place your tee as high as you would with a golf driver, as this may result in you cutting under the ball by accident.


  • Even though the word “fairway” is in the title, you can also use fairway woods to hit golf balls out of the rough, if you like. A lot of players enjoy using fairway woods out of the light rough, or even deep rough, as their clubheads are able to cut through the grass while also offering your shot greater distance than most irons. 

    Their hollow heads also encourage increased power in your shot, helping strike your ball out of difficult lies in longer grass.