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Galvin Green base layers aren’t only a fantastic way to keep warm when on the golf course, but their compression technology also results in better muscle flexibility and performance! The simple multi-layer concept from Galvin Green base layers will keep you warm on the golf course and won’t have any effect on your golf swing.

Although the primary focus of the Galvin Green thermal base layers is to keep you warm, it won’t take long for you to realise that comfort and lack of restriction was at the forefront of the designer’s mind.

The idea of the Galvin Green base layer is to be tighter than your average golf shirt but not nearly as fitted as the traditional under layer. There really aren’t any golf specific base layers like Galvin Green’s on the market. Never before has a golf brand been able to produce such high-quality winter wear yet still provide the flexibility required to execute the golf swing.

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At Clarke’s we house a range of thermal base layers, including Galvin Green Ebbe thermal golf leggings. Browse our wide range of stock online or in-store today! The brand-new range of Galvin Green base layers are not to be missed out on, the Galvin Green Elmo Thermal Golf Base layer being one of the most popular products available.

If the Elmo model doesn’t take your interest the perhaps the Galvin Green Edgar base layer could be more suited to your style.

This range of products is ideal for the cold weather conditions and were designed give its users maximum warmth. Galvin Green base layers are also surprisingly easy to care for. The long-lasting material is machine washable and quickly ready to wear afterward.

Like playing golf even in the cold weather? wearing a Galvin Green base layer can make life on the course that bit easier.

Mens Galvin Green Base Layers

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