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Mens Galvin Green Base Layers

Want to stay as warm and comfortable as possible on the golf course? Well, look no further than the men’s Galvin Green base layers we stock here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

Galvin Green garments are designed by golfers for golfers. They are engineered for performance, with no compromise on style or comfort, and their base layers are certainly no exception. Galvin Green thermals provide warmth and freedom of movement.

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Layer up with Galvin Green base layers

A base layer is a staple in any avid golfer’s wardrobe. It’s an extra layer that sits close to the body – almost acting like a second skin – that helps to regulate your core temperature.

Galvin Green base layers and thermals provide warmth, which is perfect for colder days on the course, but they also wick sweat away from the body to help you stay cool and comfortable whilst on the go. And let’s face it, comfort is key when playing a round of golf!

The Galvin Green thermals we stock are of exceptional quality. They feature:

  • Soft, stretchy, and lightweight technology
  • Thermal technology
  • Maximum breathability
  • Excellent moisture transportation
  • UV protection

Base layers can be worn under virtually any polo shirt, sweatshirt, or waterproof jacket, whilst Galvin Green thermal golf leggings offer a slim fit – perfect for under regular or waterproof golf trousers.

A tight fit is essential for retaining heat, but body fats, lotions, deodorant, sweat, and dirt can all accumulate in the fabrics of thermal clothing. That means you’ll need to wash your Galvin Green thermals and base layers often.

Thankfully, they are simple to wash and keep fresh. Just remember to wash synthetics together in a separate load at 30 or 40°C and consider turning your thermal layers inside out before washing. 

Stock up on the essentials today

If you’re preparing to play golf in the winter, you’ll want a base layer on your top half and thermals on your bottom half.

Galvin Green thermals will provide warming comfort and freedom of movement – meaning you can swing your club without feeling restricted.

At Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we provide men’s Galvin Green thermal clothing in an assortment of styles, colours, and sizes – starting from XS and ranging right the way up to double XL.

When choosing a thermal top or leggings, try to opt for garments that provide a snug fit. This will help you keep as warm as possible on the links, protecting your arms, chest, and legs.

Some of the Galvin Green base layers have a roll neck, so prevent cold air from getting to your neck and down your spine, too.

Why not browse the selection below and stock up on a few extra layers for your next game? 

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding Galvin Green base layers and thermals, please don’t hesitate to contact Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

You’re more than welcome to call us on 01744 885 294 or email [email protected], and we’ll be in touch.

Alternatively, come and visit our superstore in Rainford, just off the A570 Rainford Bypass. Here you can explore our extensive range of products and seek expert advice from our team.

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