When to replace your golf shoes

When to replace your golf shoes

When to replace your golf shoes

Noticed that something is a little off in your golf game?

You’re playing with the same trusty clubs that you always do, using your go-to brand of ball, and you’ve even invested in an electric golf trolley to take the strain off your core muscles. It just doesn’t make sense.

Could it be that your golfing footwear is to blame for your decline on the course?

Here we look at five tell-tale signs you should invest in a new pair of men’s golf shoes.

1.    It’s your first pair

Even if you’re relatively new to the sport and only own one pair, you will eventually need to replace your golf shoes.

Men’s golf shoes today are a lot more stylish than they used to be and can be combined with almost any smart or casual outfit. They are no longer strictly reserved for the course either, which means they’ll wear out much sooner.

So, instead of wearing them into the ground, why not treat yourself to a second pair and rotate between them? 

2.    You’ve currently got spiked shoes

Spiked golf shoes come with spikes or cleats that grip the ground. They prevent your feet from slipping while you take your shot.

However, not many courses these days allow you to wear metal spikes due to the damage they do to the greens.

If you own a pair of spiked golf shoes, it’s worth considering some new ones – preferably spikeless golf shoes that are comfy and lightweight. These have hardened dimples for adequate traction in dry conditions. 

3.    They are well worn

Golf shoes don’t come cheap. So, when you find a pair you like, it’s only natural that you want to get as much wear out of them as possible.

But if you play golf regularly, your feet will get sweaty when walking around the course, and the more walking you do in your golf shoes, the quicker they’ll become worn.

Having at least two pairs of golf shoes will allow you to use them alternately, meaning you won’t need to replace them as fast. 

4.    They no longer fit

Comfort is key when it comes to golf footwear. Ideally, your shoes should offer a snug fit. They shouldn’t feel slack or tight, and you shouldn’t end up with painful blisters.

If your feet hurt, this suggests that your shoes are too tight. Whilst you could try wearing a thinner pair of socks, updating them for something new will ensure your feet remain comfortable throughout the round.

And if you experience excess movement when you make your way across the links, consider tightening the laces, wearing thicker socks (or an extra pair), adding an insole, or swap to a smaller shoe size. 

5.    Your feet get wet when playing in the rain

Waterproof golf shoes are a must-have for seasoned golfers who enjoy playing some winter golf. But if the uppers aren’t properly cared for, their waterproof or water-resistant properties will reduce over time – leading to soggy, squelching feet and discomfort.

When playing in wet conditions, if you notice that water is seeping through your shoes – so much that your socks are saturated by the end of the round – take this as a sign to replace your golf shoes. 

Ready for an upgrade?

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6 September 2021