What Are The Best Golf Balls To Buy In 2023?

What Are The Best Golf Balls To Buy In 2023?

Golf balls may all look the same from afar. But the small, intricate details that make up their design and build are what separate some golf balls from others.

For example, golfers have the choice of firm or soft golf balls, depending on what they’re looking for. Softer golf balls have a softer core, and compress far easier on impact, resulting in further distances and a great overall feel.

Firm golf balls don’t offer the same knife-through-butter sensation off the tee, but they’re more durable and offer a lower launch.

Then, there are a golf ball’s dimples, which also differ from ball to ball. These are designed to help control airflow mid-flight, to keep the ball unaffected by oncoming winds. 

And this is barely scratching the surface, so no wonder choosing the right golf ball can be a challenge. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

There are plenty of amazing golf balls to choose from in 2023, but these stood out to us above the rest.

Here are our top picks for the best golf balls 2023 has to offer.

Srixon Z-Star 2023 golf balls


Srixon Z-Star

Srixon Z-Star golf balls are perfect for players looking for that extra jolt of power off the tee.

Its famous 338 dimple design cuts through high winds, making it ideal for long drives in windy conditions or on coastal courses.

Suited to those with high swing speeds, the Z-Star series falls on the softer side, for excellent responsivity not just off the tee but on the green.

Srixon has been boasting about the ball’s new “Spin Skin+” coating, which offers increased control when using your wedges and irons, by digging into the grooves on your clubface. Those used to a low spin ball will need to adapt, but the changes are well worth it.

These golf balls are specifically for more experienced players with a high driver swing speed, so don’t go lending them out to new players if you want to keep hold of them. But their exceptional build quality should be able to withstand consistent impact far greater than cheaper alternatives.

Titleist Pro V1 2023 golf balls

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 has been the most-used premium golf ball in the professional scene for years, and for a good reason.

Titleist has made a significant change to the world's most popular tour ball in its 2023 lineup. 

The Titleist Pro V1 encourages low spin and a greater trajectory off the tee or the fairway, thanks to its new dual-core technology.

You’ll also find an improvement when using your irons, when compared to previous models of the V1, with the latest entry offering improved distance and ball flight on your second or third shots.

It’s also a monster of a different type around the green, with many golfers lauding its stability and short game spin control.

Over 20 years later and the V1 still proves to be top of the food chain when it comes to golf balls. 

Mizuno RB Tour X 2022 golf balls

Mizuno RB Tour X 2022 golf balls

Mizuno has taken extra care with the Mizuno RB Tour X 2022 model in improving durability, helping the golf balls stand up to constant, powerful drives time and again. 

The balls will remain in excellent condition inside and out after hundreds of shots, making them the perfect choice if you want a ball that’s going to last.

If you find it difficult to get your approach shots to sit and stay on landing, these balls will offer the control you need, yet they’re responsive enough to give you great roll when you’re chipping onto the green from longer distances.

But it’s Mizuno’s C-Dimple design that’s the star here, offering an extra shot of adrenaline during drives, powering through oncoming winds.

A great alternative to bigger brand-name golf balls you might be used to, if you want to try something new.

Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls

Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls

Bridgestone’s Tour B RX golf balls will be a lifeline to players struggling with keeping their iron shots on target, thanks to the company’s new REACTIV iQ technology.

This helps the ball grip to the club face for a fraction of a second longer than average, helping the ball react more accurately to the specific shot and force of impact

This offers advantages in other areas of the game, too - more emphatic drives, greater control and spin when chipping and improved feel around the green.

It’s also said to increase ball speed, helping to combat any headwinds you may run into. And Bridgestone’s dual-dimple design helps the ball significantly reduce drag, so you get the best of both worlds.

While it’s a fantastic all-rounder, Bridgestone advertises this ball specifically to players with a swing speed greater than 105mph. So if you’re not on the faster side with your swing, it could be wise to choose another ball.

But for the speed demons amongst you, this ball will feel right at home in your pocket. It’s available in yellow, too, if you’re worried about losing it in the deep rough.

Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball

Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball

If you prefer a soft golf ball over a firmer ball, there’s only one choice at the moment.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf balls sport Callaway’s new flagship precision technology, for what the company calls a “tighter dispersion” of energy on impact, resulting in a more direct trajectory and greater ball speeds.

The ball’s interior has undergone an upgrade, too. Callaway’s new Hyper Elastic SoftFast core offers improved speed, more spin and greater control, along with the soft and responsive feel many golfers enjoy.

It’s that responsive, soft feel that’s made the Chrome Soft X LS balls a real winner for Callaway, offering players of all skill levels the chance to strike a ball that seems to fly effortlessly off the fairway or the tee.

If you want a softer-feeling ball and to get away from that ‘clunky’ feeling you get when hitting certain golf balls, Callaway Chrome Soft X LS balls are a perfect choice.

Best golf balls for beginners: Srixon Distance golf balls

Srixon Distance golf balls

All of the above golf balls are better saved for more experienced players, which is why we thought it best to include an option for beginner players, too.

Srixon makes another appearance on our list with its Srixon Distance golf balls, ideal for those looking for a ball that feels great and flies off the tee with ease.

New players don’t want to be lumbered with golf balls that feel stiff or unresponsive when they’re hit. It takes a lot of the fun out of the game.

That’s why a soft ball like this is perfect for easing beginners into the sport - its FastLayer core offers great compression, making it a joy to hit every single time.

Plus, it’ll inspire confidence in new players, adding distance where other balls may fall short.

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