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Not Playing Golf In Winter? Here’s Why You Should

Let’s be honest, most of us see golf as a purely summer game.

Something to be enjoyed in a t-shirt and shorts, hitting the ball down a picturesque fairway with the Sun beaming down from above.

But you’d be wrong to think golf is purely for long sunny days. In fact, it’s a great game to play in winter too.

And there can be plenty of benefits to playing golf over winter.

So, whether you’re a newcomer looking to take up golf for the first time, or are a regular player who’s never thought about playing when it’s cold outside, here are our top reasons why you should keep playing golf in the winter.


Courses will be quieter

Probably the biggest benefit of playing golf in the winter is that the courses will be quieter.

Not many people keep playing golf once the nights draw in and it gets colder.

This means you’ll have fewer players to wait for on the tee.

And you’ll have fewer experiences feeling rushed to get ahead of the players catching you up a few holes back.

With quieter courses, you’ve got more time to be leisurely with your round.

You can take your time and enjoy being out.


You might find some good deals

Some golf courses will struggle to attract players (especially new players) when it gets to winter.

This is good for you because it means more deals could be had.

It’s not just courses either.

You could find deals on new clubs and equipment in the end-of-year sales.

So you could upgrade or get your first set of golf clubs for a fraction of the cost of buying them coming up to the summer.


It’ll likely be cheaper

Because fewer players are coming out to play in the winter months, golf courses often reduce their green fees over winter to entice more players to keep playing.

It could mean a much better deal at your preferred course. Or, if you’ve had a particular course on your bucket list, it could be an excellent time to go with a reduced fee.

Some courses reduce their fees by as much as 50% come winter, so it’s worth having a look around.


It could be easier to play

Believe it or not, playing golf in winter can be easier than playing in the summer.

If fairways are firmer due to the cold, your ball will carry some extra distance.

If greens are damp, you’ll find it easier to control your approach shots.

Plus, winter rules mean you can move your ball to a ‘preferred lie’, so you don’t have to try and hack a dirty ball out of the mud.

All this can make your round a bit more manageable and enjoyable.


It’s good practice

If you’re a regular player, you’ll know that a few months off over winter plays havoc with your swing when you return to the course.

You can spend the first few rounds trying to remember what you’re doing, and it takes time to get back up to where you were before you stopped playing.

If you play at a club that hosts competitions, playing over winter can be an excellent way to catch up to better players who decide to take the winter off, or at least stop you from falling further behind.


Get your winter golf gear with Clarke’s Golf

One thing to keep in mind if you’re going to keep playing golf over winter is to get the right winter golf gear to make your game more enjoyable.

From waterproof golf jackets or waterproof golf trousers, to golf umbrellas to thermal base layers, you’ll want new gear to protect you from the elements.

At Clarke’s Golf, we stock a wide range of winter golf gear for men, women and children so you can stay warm and dry while taking on those frosty fairways.

You can easily browse and buy online for quick delivery or shop at our dedicated golf centre in St Helens and find the latest equipment and deals.

As well as our golf store, we’ve got a 27-bay driving range that you can use to stay sharp over winter and work on your game, even if the idea of taking on 18 holes in the frost and wind makes you want to curl up in front of the fire.

Come see us at our golf centre in Rainford, or buy your winter golf gear online today