Club Review: Cobra LTDx Golf Driver

Club Review: Cobra LTDx Golf Driver

A solid improvement in virtually every department over previous Cobra drivers, will you be picking up the Cobra LTDx as your weapon of choice at the tee?

As a brand, Cobra has a lot of things going for it in the driver department lately, with top-tier professionals like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler using Cobra drivers. So any Cobra driver is well worth looking at, considering their standing in the pro game right now.

The Cobra LTDx golf driver (also known as the Cobra King LTDx) has a lot to like, but is it worth dropping your current driver for? 

Here's our Cobra LTDx driver review...


Cobra hasn’t reinvented the wheel when constructing the LTDx, but it offers just enough difference from similar models to make it a contender.

Light yet durable, the LTDx feels much easier to handle than similarly-sized drivers, built with a multi-material chassis of carbon fibre and titanium with a lightweight carbon crown. It’s 8.3 grams lighter than the previous model, offering you faster swing for maximum ball speed and increased power.

The face has been crafted with Cobra’s CNC Milled Infinity Face design, for a very responsive point of impact.

The driver also features a multi-material weighting system to create optimal weight distribution, allowing you to shift the weight directly behind the face, for drives that deliver maximum distance. Beyond the customisable weighting, the head also features PWR-COR technology which shifts the natural weight of the head to the front, encouraging greater distances.


Colour-wise, Cobra has opted to keep the smooth, black carbon top that made the previous Radspeed driver look so appealing while adding an orange-gold touch on the base in jagged, sharp shapes that really make the driver look less like a golf club and more like a weapon. A great choice if you want something that looks like a serious threat on the tee.

The base design itself has also been toned down, offering a slightly more minimalist look than previous models, while retaining enough colour and artistic elements to keep it eye-catching.

When side by side, the Cobra LTDx clubhead looks a little bigger than the Radspeed model, but on closer inspection, the two are virtually the same size, so it’s likely more of a trick of the eye than anything else.

Is this driver one of the best-looking on the market? We wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a pretty piece that’d look at home in any serious player’s bag.


Distance was always the name of the game with the LTDx (LTD standing for Longest Total Distance) and Cobra delivers on the title, offering clean, lengthy drives that’ll put your old drivers to shame.

With faster ball speed, greater launch and higher ball flight and carry over the Cobra Radspeed, it’s safe to say the LTDx ticks plenty of boxes for golfers looking to make the jump to a new club in the Cobra family.

The Cobra LTDx proves to be surprisingly forgiving. Despite the sweet spot literally being outlined on the centre of the clubface (for those of you who need a hand lining up your head with the ball), catching the ball slightly to the left or right of this marker still offers consistently straight striking, with little difference in angle between shots, for maximum stability in your drives.

This is likely a result of Cobra’s H.O.T (Highly Optomosed Topology) design, which used machine learning to craft a clubhead that optimises ball speeds, with fifteen different impact zones spread out across almost the entire face. In other words, unless you’re catching the ball right on the edge, you can expect solid contact with a good result.

Every player wants a driver that feels like a winner, too. And with the LTDx, you can expect a responsive strike with a satisfying ‘crack’ sound when hitting explosive drives. Your shots will look and sound like monsters.


Considering all the advantages on offer with the LTDx, you’d be silly not to pick it up at its current price. At the time of writing, you can grab the Cobra LTDx golf driver at Clarkes Golf for just £299, down from £399 - that’s a £100 saving on a driver that’s easily worth the higher price point, and one that will reflect that on the course.

If you’ve been putting some cash aside for a new driver, but don’t want to spend a fortune, this club is well worth a look.


All Cobra drivers offer traits that golfers - both newbies and veterans - will be pleased with. But the LTDx offers a little bit of everything, all wrapped up in a club that doesn’t quite meet the heights some of the driving titans do. You could almost call it a jack of all trades.

But at this price, the improvement you could see in your game is well worth the investment, especially if you’ve been using the same old driver for years now.

You could punt for a more expensive model, if you want, but this is one of the most impressive mid-range drivers for the price that you’re likely to find. Bargain hunters will be hitting bombs off the tee with this one.

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