Choosing the best driver for under £400

Choosing the best driver for under £400

Choosing the best driver for under £400

Need a new golf driver but not got a huge budget?

Golf club manufacturers have started to invest more into new technology, materials and marketing strategies, which explains why the price of drivers has skyrocketed in the past decade – with some of the best in the market costing around the £500 mark.

For some golfers, this is a worthwhile investment, as the latest technology will help them to improve their performance on the course. However, some players simply can’t afford to splurge that much money on one golf club and would much prefer to spend under £400.

Having a driver that works well for your swing is key to playing your best golf. But a new driver needn’t break the bank.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to find the best affordable golf driver.

5 key factors to consider when buying a driver on a budget


When shopping for a golf driver, it’s worth bearing in mind that the larger the clubhead, the more forgiveness it will provide. So, when you hit the ball, note where you strike it with the face of the club.

You also want a driver that suits your eye when it’s behind the ball. If it’s too big, there’s a chance it could put you off. If it’s too small, it may reduce your confidence.

This is where a custom fitting can come in handy – allowing you to practice with different drivers and determine the best one to add to your golf bag.



Not all golfers see the need for adjustable weights and, if you’re looking for cheaper drivers, it can be a good thing. As there are fewer mechanisms in clubs with fixed weights, they’re often priced more affordably.


Most brands are creating models that incorporate a weight at the back of the clubhead. These drivers improve forgiveness, launch and, in some cases, help you to ace a slice.

Alternatively, mass can be repositioned to a larger section of the clubhead, i.e. closer to the edge or at the front, to reduce the angle of the launch and spin. 



There’s no standard length with drivers. Manufacturers offer different models with varying shaft lengths – usually between 43.5” and 47”, whilst some reach the maximum allowance of 48”!

The longer the shaft, the more speed your clubhead will produce. However, these are often harder to control and may also decrease the distance on off-centre hits.

Our best advice is to choose the longest driver possible that you can still hit accurately and consistently (checking the price tag, of course).


The weight of a driver’s shaft won’t necessarily affect your swing but it will impact your control of the club.

Heavier shafts are ideal for players who prefer less spin and low ball flight, whereas lightweight shafts deliver more spin and higher launch. To curve the ball in the air, you should go for a driver with a bit more weight.


The loft is the amount that the clubface slopes back and should match your swing.

The slower your swing speed, the more loft you’ll need. For golfers with an average swing speed, a driver with a loft of 10.5° to 12° should suffice.

A driver with an adjustable loft is always favourable, as it can enhance your precision.


Above all, when looking for drivers, you need to consider how much you can realistically afford to spend on such golf equipment.

There are some fantastic drivers out there for £400 and less – so you’re sure to find something within your price range.

Just make sure you set yourself a budget and stick to it!

Ready to invest in a driver?

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