Best Travel Golf Accessories 2023

Best Travel Golf Accessories 2023

We all have our local, favourite golf course we frequent more than any other - it’s how we’re able to fit in so many rounds of great practice on short notice.

But if you’re an avid golfer, and you have friends who are avid golfers, chances are you’ve taken a trip a little further afield to knock some balls around, right?

Travelling to new golf courses can be an exciting journey. Not only is it fun to play golf in new places with our golf comrades, but it also pushes us to step outside of our comfort zone and test ourselves against new courses and holes that present challenges we’re not used to so we can up our golf game.

However, if you’re moving from one course to another, it’s important to have the right golf travel accessories to make sure you get the most out of your trip and protect your important golf gear. So here are some of the best golf accessories in 2023 for you to explore.

The best golf travel accessories to help out your game

Callaway Shield 64-inch Golf Umbrella

Given we live in one of the rainiest golf climates in the UK, a solid golf umbrella always comes in handy when we get caught in a downpour.

And golf umbrellas don’t come much more solid than the Callaway Shield 64-inch Golf Umbrella. 

With a wingspan of 64 inches, you can be sure this umbrella will protect you from the elements on all sides, so you can enjoy the majority of your game while keeping dry as a bone.

The umbrella is also wide enough to keep your clubs and golf bag covered, too, defending them from suffering damage over time at the hands of rain, sleet or even snow.

Its robust frame is designed to withstand even the gustiest of days, so it will remain intact if the wind begins battering you mid-round. Plus, its fibreglass shaft is sturdy enough to carry its considerable size and withstand knocks and bumps it may suffer in the boot of your car.

A must-have for golfers who know all too well the pitfalls of heading out on a murky day without backup.


Nike Maverick E-Golf Sunglasses

At the opposite end of the spectrum, now and again we’re blessed with glorious sunshine while playing golf. It may be pleasant weather and make for crystal-clear views on the course, but the sun can cause problems. Mainly, it can make the golf ball difficult to see and keep track of the further it rises into the summer sky.

The solution? A pair of golf glasses designed to give you the shading you need to maintain a clear view of your ball as it launches.

The Nike Maverick E-Golf Sunglasses are an excellent choice, from one of the world’s leading sports brands.

Their lightweight frame makes it easy to pop them on and forget all about them, causing no distractions to your game whatsoever. Plus, their innovative temple cushioning makes for a comfortable glasses-wearing experience, compared to some of the clunkier, less appealing models out there.

And because these lenses were crafted by Zeiss - one of the most notable lens designers on Earth - you can be sure you’ll have the best possible eyesight in the domineering sun.

Titleist Players Spinner Golf Travel Cover

Most players simply shove their golf clubs in the back of their car, with little regard for their safety, hoping they make it to the course in one piece.

But for serious players, this isn’t an option - you need to make sure your precious clubs are safe, stable and protected during the ride. That’s why a reliable golf travel bag - like the Titleist Players Spinner Golf Travel Cover - can be a godsend.

Like all of the best golf travel bags, this bag is made with a heavy-duty exterior and will protect the most delicate golf club in your set from bumps and scuffs whether you’re travelling by car, train or plane. In the moments when your clubs are unattended, it pays to have a cover like this.

Premium, rugged zippers ensure nothing can venture in or out of the bag, keeping your clubs defended against environmental factors. It’s also water-resistant, so don’t be worried about it being exposed to rain or random spills.

Plus, with two internal zipped pouches, you have even more room to store more golf accessories or personal items if you like.


Daphne's Novelty Golf Driver Headcovers | Golden Retriever

One of the comedians amongst you! 

Golf driver headcovers protect what is - surprisingly - one of the easiest clubs in our collection to damage. Driver heads are prone to scratches and dents, which is why a good headcover could save you a lot of time, money and energy in replacing your driver should something unfortunate happen.

In that case, why not have some fun with them? Daphne’s Novelty Golf Driver Headcovers (this one styled in the shape of a Golden Retriever) is perfect for having a laugh with your mates on the course and showing off your comedic energy while keeping your driver safe when it's not in use.

Ideal for jokers and dog lovers alike!

Grab the best golf accessories at Clarkes Golf

If the above items sound like things you’ll find useful while you’re on the move, Clarkes Golf is home to many more golf accessories like umbrellas, gloves, towels, and much more. So whatever you need to make the most of your golf trips, we’re here to help you out.

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