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Want to protect your golf clubs? Take a look at our brilliant Daphne’s headcovers today.

A golf headcover is a protective sleeve that fits over the head of your golf club. The idea is to protect your clubs from unintentional damage – and to prevent them from banging around and clanking into each other whilst you lift them in and out of your car boot, drive or walk across the golf course. But that’s not all. Headcovers save you the unnecessary expense of repairs and replacements and allow you to show your golf clubs off in style.

There are various styles to choose from, including sleek, modern headcovers for fairway woods and hybrids as well as retro-designs. But the most fun – and one of our absolute favourites – has to be Daphne’s.

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Daphne’s – a bit about the brand

Never heard of Daphne’s headcovers? You’re missing out.

They are the leading animal golf headcover business in the world. The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona and sells products in more than 75 countries – including Israel and Honduras.

The whole idea came about when a mother and daughter were selling hand-made puppets, all over the Western U.S at arts and crafts shows, when a customer suggested – what seemed a crazy idea at the time – that the puppets would make great novelty golf headcovers. Decades later, Daphne’s is a trusted name in the golf industry and continues to set the standards high.

Their bestselling novelty headcovers include the Golden Retriever, the Gopher and the Tiger – which, ironically, Tiger Woods’ mum purchased for her son. This really helped to put Daphne’s on the map.

Daphne’s Headcovers

Over the years, the range of Daphne’s headcovers has got bigger and better. They currently offer more than 175 designs – all fully-lined with thick, synthetic sheepskin and elasticated to ensure a secure fit for your clubs.

No matter which you choose, they are all made from top-quality materials and their eyes and noses are custom-made by a supplier in Italy. On top of that, these headcovers come with a lifetime guarantee so, should you have any problems, you can easily return it and swap it for a new one.

We currently stock the Gorilla and Boxer headcovers, here at Clarkes Golf Centre. But one thing for sure, Daphne’s headcovers are sure to make you smile, stand out and invite conversation. So make sure you’re prepared!

Contact Clarkes Golf Centre

Although we don’t have a huge range of Daphne’s headcovers on offer, we are constantly updating our stock to ensure we bring you the latest and greatest products on the market right now. If you’d like to know more about this, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or give us a call on 01744 885 294 and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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