Get ready for the 2021 season with a new Electric Golf Trolley

Get ready for the 2021 season with a new Electric Golf Trolley

Get ready for the 2021 season with a new Electric Golf Trolley

Golf is a sport that involves a lot of walking and explosive movements from hitting the ball – just ask any of the team here at Clarkes’ Golf! But this combination of endurance and accuracy requires training. Which bids the question, are you ready for the 2021 golf season?

Now the boozy festivities are out of the way, and you’ve consumed your body weight in chocolate and mince pies, it’s time to concentrate on improving your fitness levels; focusing on strengthening your wrists and forearms, increasing those abdominal and lower back muscles and keeping the hips and back supple.

Of course, you could do some cardio training? Cycling and swimming are both great for improving endurance – increasing your heart rate, blood and oxygen levels. And let’s not forget weight training, after all, you’re going to need the strength and power to swing faster and further when out on the green.

But it’s not just about working on your form…

Here we explain why you should invest in an electric golf trolley for the 2021 season.

  • Check your golf equipment – if you’re a seasonal golfer, the chances are it’s been a few months since you last used your golf clubs or even went near your golf bag/trolley. However, giving it a good once over (and we’re not just talking a quick clean here!) to make sure it’s in perfect working order is ideal. If your golf bag has seen better days, or you’re ready for an upgrade, be sure to take a look at the electric golf trolleys available at Clarkes’ Golf
  • Fantastic deals – there’s no denying that electric golf trolleys cost a pretty penny, and even the lower end models carry a hefty price tag. But, the truth is, there’s still plenty of time to make the most of the January sales and invest in a new model – ready for the new season. 
  • Save energy – carrying your golf clubs across the links, or pulling your trolley behind you on hilly courses, can be uncomfortable and drain your energy which, in turn, impacts on your performance as you approach the last few holes of the round. An electric trolley reserves your energy for the game, allowing you to play better. 
  • Play longer – are you someone that is injury-prone? Take the strain off your body with an electric golf trolley. As a result of being battery operated, these do the arduous work for you whilst reducing the risk of injury and muscular fatigue mid-way through the round. Win-win. 
  • Gear up – before you head to the course, you want to be confident that you have everything you need and, unfortunately, this means preparing for all weathers. There’s only so much stuff you can fit in a carry bag before your back gives way. And pushing/pulling the weight of a heavy bag on your trolley will soon take its toll. Instead, opt for an electric golf trolley. You’ll easily fit more in – including trusty waterproofs and plenty of refreshments to keep your energy levels up during the game!

As a leading stockist of manual and electric golf trolleys from big names like Big Max, Motocaddy and PowaKaddy, and an extensive collection of golf clothing and equipment, we are confident that you’ll find everything you need to prepare for golf in the new year (and years to come!).

Why not take a look at our online range of electric golf trolleys today? Prices start from as little as £499 and we regularly offer promotional offers. Alternatively, come and visit our superstore – just off the Rainford bypass. Here you can take a closer look at our golf trolleys and discuss your requirements with our friendly experts. 

5 February 2021