Electric Trolleys Vs Push Trolleys: Which Should You Get?

Electric Trolleys Vs Push Trolleys: Which Should You Get?

You rarely see a caddie on the golf course these days. Some golfers will carry their golf bag on their backs or shoulders, some will ride a buggy with their equipment in tow, and others will use a golf trolley.

But the question is – what’s the best trolley to use?

Choosing the best one can be difficult as, more often than not, it comes down to your personal preference.

For instance, if you’re an amateur golfer, you’re bound to want to go for the option that makes it as easy as possible for you. Whereas a seasoned player may want to keep the fuss to a minimum by using a trusty stand bag, despite putting more strain on their muscles.

As a leading superstore in the North West, here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we’re proud to stock both push carts and motorised trolleys – not to mention a variety of golf bags.

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of using an electric trolley and a push trolley so you can make an informed decision. 

Pros of an electric golf trolley 

  • They help save your energy for the game

Many people underestimate how much effort it takes to play a round of golf.

On average, golfers burn around 1200 calories per round when lugging their clubs across the course. This is a considerable amount of energy to be spent on heavy golf bags.

An electric golf trolley has a battery and small motor that helps drive the wheels and take the weight of your golf bag. This not only makes it easier for you to cart your clubs but also allows you to preserve your energy for those all-important last few holes.

  •   They’re great for hilly courses

If you regularly play on hilly or undulating terrain, you’ll either have to carry your clubs or push them up steep inclines – and this can take its toll on your body, making you tire much faster.

This isn’t the case with electric trolleys. These do all the hard work for you, allowing you to concentrate on getting yourself to the top of the hill and preparing for your shot.

Most models also have a parking brake that enables you to stabilise it, and some Motocaddy trolleys incorporate Downhill Control (DHC) which prevents the trolley from rolling away too quickly on slopes. 

  • They offer more storage space

If you were to carry your golf bag, you’d probably think twice about taking bottles of water and a spare change of clothes, as they’ll only make your bag even heavier to carry.

However, electric trolleys are compatible with larger golf bags, allowing you to take more onto the links without worrying about the additional weight. That includes more clubs (a maximum of 14), golf balls, a towel, an umbrella, sunscreen, and refreshments to keep your energy levels up throughout the round. 

  • They’re supplied with plenty of additional features

Though it depends on the make and model, many electric golf trolleys include holders for phones, scorecards, drink bottles, umbrellas, etc. These make it super convenient for you to take the essentials with you on the golf course.

On top of this, some also include GPS and automatic distance and shot measurement, which means you can monitor your performance with ease.

You’ll find trolleys that come with USB ports too, allowing you to charge your phone up whilst playing golf. 

Cons of an electric golf trolley 

  • You have to remember to charge the battery

As a result of being battery-powered, an electric golf trolley will certainly take the strain off your shoulders, arms and legs. However, you need to make sure that you keep it charged up – you don’t want it to run out of battery midway through the round.

After playing golf, most people leave their trolley in the boot of their car or they lift it out and tuck it in the corner of the garage until they need it again.

Our best advice would be to take the trolley out of your car and put it on charge right away. At least this way, you can be confident that it’ll be fully charged for your next round of golf! 

  • They are the most expensive type of golf trolley

It’s difficult to put a price on electric golf trolleys as it typically depends on the brand, model, features, and sometimes even the stockist. But one thing is for sure, these motorised trolleys are a significant investment to make and will set you back several hundred pounds.

An all-singing all-dancing trolley is bound to cost you more than one with fewer features. Similarly, a newer model will have a higher price tag than its predecessors. 

  • Not all models are compact

Although manufacturers have been working hard to develop electric golf trolleys that fold down to a neat size and fit comfortably in the smallest of car boots, push trolleys tend to fold down much smaller.

Electric trolleys have a battery that often requires more room and can be somewhat heavier than their push counterparts. 

  • They need routine maintenance

As with most things, if you’re to get the most out of your golf trolley, you need to make sure that you care for it properly.

That means cleaning the wheels after every use – removing any mud, sand and grass – charging and changing the battery if and when necessary and having the components serviced regularly. 

Pros of a push golf trolley 

  • They typically cost less

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to carrying your golf equipment, a push trolley is a worthy investment to make.

Starting from around the £100 mark, these are significantly cheaper than their motorised counterparts. This is mostly because they don’t have a battery or motor, or any of the latest mod cons. 

  • They’re ideal for flatter courses

Because they don’t have a battery to power them up steep slopes, push golf trolleys are preferred by golfers who regularly tee off on flatter courses.

Push models glide across flat terrain without putting any extra strain on the upper body, making the game more enjoyable for players. 

  • Most fold down nice and compact

Worried about fitting your clubs and other essential gear in the boot of your car, as well as a golf trolley? Fear not – push carts are designed to fold down much smaller than electric golf trolleys and will fit in tiny boots, no problem.

These trolleys are easy to collapse and set up too, which means you can get out onto the course in no time at all. 

  • You don’t need to charge them up

One of the most obvious benefits of a push golf trolley is that it doesn’t have a battery in-situ, so won’t need plugging in and charging up.

That means, although you could leave your trolley and clubs in your car, we still recommend lifting them out and storing them in a safe place to ensure they stay in tip-top condition for as long as possible. 

Cons of a push golf trolley 

  • It can be tiring to push them around the course

As you can imagine, manually pushing a golf cart around the golf course can be tiring, and you may feel fatigued faster than you would if you were using a motorised model.

Instead of wasting energy on carting your clubs, it could be better conserved for the last few holes of the round. 

  • They’re not suitable for larger golf bags

Something else worth noting about push golf trolleys is that they are usually better suited to smaller cart bags, allowing you to steer them accurately without having to constantly adjust your bag to prevent it from sliding off.

If you’ve got a larger bag, you’ll benefit more from using an electric trolley – plus, you’ll be able to store more. 

  •  You’re limited on what you can take on the course

Given that push trolleys don’t provide as much storage space as electric trolleys, you often have to think carefully about what you’ll pack in your bag.

Be mindful that, the heavier your bag is, the more difficult it will be to push – especially if you need to travel uphill or on difficult terrain. 

Which is best for you?

If you’re not willing to invest heavily into your trolley, or you mostly play on flatter courses, a push golf trolley is likely to be the better option for you.

However, if you can afford to splurge a little more on a trolley with loads of cool features, an electric golf trolley is perfect.

If you’re undecided whether to opt for a push cart or electric trolley, be sure to get in touch with the team at Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

We’re always on hand to guide and advise you on choosing the most suitable trolley for your needs.

Either give us a call on 01744 419 914 or drop us an email at admin@clarkesgolf.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.