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Hybrids or ‘rescue clubs’ are a must-have for any golfer. Have you got yours?

Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply a complete range of hybrids from leading brands, including Srixon who is constantly striving to make your game of golf more enjoyable - one shot, one round, one weekend at a time.

Putting innovation to the test, Srixon provides hybrid clubs to suit golfers of all abilities - even amateurs.

Could you benefit from one of the Srixon hybrids we supply at Clarkes? Find out today.

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Srixon Hybrids

The Srixon hybrids are a perfect mix of fairway woods and irons. Hybrids have a superior clubhead design, like fairway woods, but are as light as irons. They feel like a shorter wood but with more loft - making them great for improving the confidence of golfers when hitting from the rough, tee or fairway.

Srixon hybrids incorporate dual speed technology which can improve your gameplay and their forgiving profile makes them ideal for increasing distance and trajectory. The Srixon hybrid is also useful on errant shots - allowing you to achieve your best on the golf course.

Srixon Z H65 Golf Hybrid

The Srixon Z H65 hybrid is designed to be sleek and inspiring, and is available to order, here at Clarkes for a discounted price.

For what a long iron is lacking, the Srixon hybrid makes up for - making it an essential addition to your golf bag. It’s designed for greater speed and distance and is renowned for its forgiving launch.

We recommend the Srixon Z H65 hybrid for all handicap levels, whether you’re a tour professional looking to update your golf clubs or an amateur just starting out.

This hybrid provides accuracy with every shot and offers low spin characteristics, making sure you send the ball further, faster and consistently.

Here at Clarkes, we are confident we won’t be beaten on price, but should you find the same Srixon hybrid for less somewhere else, feel free to get in touch with us and we can offer the price match guarantee to make sure you receive the best value for your money.

If you need to know more about our Srixon hybrids, call us on 01744 885 294 or email us at [email protected], otherwise, check out our range of hybrids today.

Srixon Hybrid Clubs

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