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Hybrid Golf Clubs

With so many Hybrid golf clubs to choose from, you want to be sure that you choose only the best for your game of golf! Here at Clarkes Golf Centre, we supply the Hybrid golf clubs to match the requirements of any amateur or professional golfer.

The Hybrid golf clubs or rescue clubs are a mix of the fairway woods and irons. They have been labelled as ultra-forgiving by various golfers, making them must-have equipment for your golfing bag.

The rescue golf club is not to be ignored! In choosing a rescue club from our extensive selection below, it’s inevitable that you’ll be able to send shots further and improve your overall performance on the golfing green.

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When it comes to choosing a rescue golf club, you’ll discover an array of leading golfing brands, ranging from Adidas to Callaway, Cobra to Ping and Taylormade to Titleist. No matter how much experience you have to offer, you’re bound to find a rescue golf club that suits your needs and budget perfectly!

Design of the Rescue Clubs.

The rescue club is generally shorter than the fairway woods but provides more loft. As well as this, our rescue clubs are designed to replace the longer irons and are designed to have a smaller clubhead than any wood.

Depending on the rescue club that you choose, whether it be a Cleveland Hybrid or a Callaway Hybrid, you’re sure to find one that matches your stylish desires, so what are you waiting for?

Purpose of the Rescue Clubs.

If you’re struggling to hit consistently during a game of golf, why not consider one of the Hybrid golf clubs that we supply, here at Clarkes Golf Centre?

Any rescue golf club from our range of products below is guaranteed to improve your performance on the green, instantly making your game of golf more enjoyable. A rescue club is especially versatile; not only do they enhance any amateurs or professional’s performance, they are ideal for hitting from the tee, the fairway or the rough.


Golfers looking to generate higher ball speeds? Look no further than the Hybrid golf clubs here! Any rescue golf club will allow you to generate greater speeds, achieving more height and sending the ball further.

A rescue club from Clarkes Golf Centre can eliminate scuffing and hooking, allowing you to hit the ball smoother and on-target every time.

Explore our range of golf clubs today to identify which suits your needs best!

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