Which type of golf trolley is right for me?

Which type of golf trolley is right for me?

Golf trolleys are a fantastic piece of equipment that take some of the strain away from golfers, so we can keep our bodies feeling fresh and focus on our game. 

Rather than having to constantly hoist our clubs and lower them for every shot, we can simply roll our clubs quickly and easily as we move from hole to hole.

If you’re the type of player who’s not used to using a golf trolley and you’d rather save yourself an infinite amount of time and energy by finally letting a golf trolley help you out, there are a few things you should know before you make a purchase.

At Clarkes Golf, we’re home to a massive range of golf trolleys of all kinds, so we’ll undoubtedly have a trolley to meet your needs. Take a look at our wider selection to find the right trolley for you! 

Do I really need a golf trolley?

This is an important question, especially if you don’t generally use a trolley and prefer to carry your clubs.

If you’re in good health, reasonably strong and have good stamina, you’ll be able to get away with carrying your own clubs around the course.

However, you may begin to experience some unwelcome effects if you play regularly. With the average weight of a set of clubs in a golf bag falling around 35lbs, it may not sound like a major feat to lift them onto and off of your shoulders time and again.

But considering this happens countless times over an eighteen-hole course, your shoulders, neck and back will all begin to experience some strain - even if you don’t feel it. As stiffness begins to set in, the effects of this constant lifting could begin to affect the quality of your shots.

So, even if you don’t think you need a golf trolley, it could be a wise investment if you want to shave a few precious shots off your score.

The different types of golf trolleys and their advantage

Standard push & pull trolleys

When it comes to standard golf trolleys, golfers only have one of two options: Push trolleys or pull trolleys.

For many years, pull trolleys were the most popular option. Generally consisting of two wheels, these trolleys were designed with simplicity and quickness in mind. However, more modern research into the sport has highlighted a few flaws in their design that are solved by adopting three-wheeled trolleys that are designed to be pushed, not pulled.

Push trolleys with three wheels have been found to not only be easier to manoeuvre for golfers, but they also cause less pressure on the joints and feel far lighter to move than their two-wheeled counterparts, despite them almost always being heavier in reality. The extra wheel offers a greater element of control for golfers moving their clubs, preventing the need for sudden, jerky movements when encountering a slight hill or incline.

Push trolleys also often feature handy extras, like brakes, which help slow the motion of the trolley or hold them still while taking a shot - similar to a handbrake on a car. So, if you’re looking for a simple yet reliable trolley, a three-wheeled push trolley is absolutely your best bet.

But if you’re looking for an even more effective helping hand moving your clubs, an electric trolley might be a better option…

Electric golf trolleys

Electric golf trolleys virtually remove the need to push or pull your clubs at all, instead relying on electricity to rotate the wheels, effectively pushing your clubs for you.

Running on battery power, they can be changed before your game to give you the power you need to effortlessly move your clubs from A to B, with as little input from the user as possible.

In terms of direction, many can even be guided using a remote control, to ensure your clubs stay on the right track and don’t accidentally stray into the opposing fairway. This makes them ideal for people who want to spend as much time as possible focusing solely on their game and those who want to conserve as much energy as possible to hit the perfect shots.

They’re on the pricier side compared to their non-battery-powered cousins, but most golfers who enjoy them agree they’re a worthy investment, taking unnecessary strain out of the game.

Players should always take note of the battery size before making a purchase, though. Some electric golf trolleys will offer many hours of uninterrupted service, while some will need to be recharged after every game. Be sure to read the product description to find the electric golf trolley that meets your needs the best.

Pick up a brand-new golf trolley at Clarkes Golf

Whether you’re after a classic push trolley or want to turbo-charge your game with an electric trolley, at Clarkes Golf we have a great selection of golf trolleys for you to choose from. Take a look at our selection to find the perfect golf trolley for you - or get in touch with Clarkes Golf if you need a hand making a decision!