What’s the best iron for controlling shots?

What’s the best iron for controlling shots?

Do you find iron shots tricky? You’re not on your own.

Many golfers struggle to control their shots on the fairway, usually because irons aren’t powerful like drivers or sensitive like putters. However, if your ball ends up in the rough or under a tree, irons can actually help you to escape these challenging situations – producing a long, low ball flight.

If you want to lower your score, you must improve your iron shots. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to hit better iron shots – which we’ll cover in this blog.

Let’s start by take a closer look at the different types of golf irons and sets you can play with and which you should consider using to improve your shots. 

Long Irons

With their longer shafts and lower degree of loft on the clubface, long irons (1, 2, 3 and 4) are typically the most difficult club you’ll have in your golf bag.

These clubs create a lot of momentum and require a stable stance.

There’s no denying that the length of the shaft affects your swing arc, making long irons ideal for players with a sweeping swing style.

If you opt for long irons, make sure you widen your stance slightly and position the ball 1-2 inches left of the centre. Bear slightly more weight on your right foot and avoid forcing the shot. It should be smooth and controlled. 

Mid Irons

For those looking for golf irons with a little more forgiveness, or shorter shafts and more loft, consider the 5, 6 and 7 mid irons.

Similar to the long irons, you need to perfect your stance if you’re to hit the ball high and straight.

With mid irons, you should aim to play the ball in the centre of your stance. Hit down into the ball (try not to scoop the ball off the turf) to get the ball airborne and produce a long, high shot.

Our best advice when playing with one of these irons is to keep your arms relaxed down by your side – extended down and through the ball. 

Short Irons

Short 8 and 9 irons (as well as the pitching wedge and sand wedge) are the easiest golf irons to use. They have much shorter shafts and higher lofts, allowing you to strike the ball with more accuracy.

These clubs are designed to achieve shorter distances, but despite this, they produce exceptional ball flight – meaning the ball will stop faster on the green (and hopefully roll straight into the hole!).

When playing with short irons, it’s recommended that you make your stance narrow and place more weight on your left foot – as opposed to the right when using long irons. Doing so will promote a controlled strike. 

Which irons should you choose?

Due to their longer shafts and low degree of loft, long irons can be difficult to use for the average golfer. They also take some getting used to – requiring plenty of practise at the driving range and guidance from lessons.

Mid and short irons offer more forgiveness, which can be a real boon for beginners. As their shafts are much shorter, they are easier to control throughout the swing – keeping your hands in the right place and positioning the ball correctly to ensure you strike it accurately.

Here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we understand that no two golfers are the same – what suits you might not suit someone else.

That’s why we provide a wide range of golf irons from renowned brands, including (but not limited to) Callaway, Cobra, Ping and TaylorMade, to accommodate all handicap levels.

To find out which irons are right for your game, why not arrange a custom fitting? This will remove the guesswork of figuring out which clubs will help you to maximise ball flight, consistency and performance.

For more information about our custom fitting bay, or assistance choosing an iron to control your shots, call our team on 01744 419 914.