What clubs did Jon Rahm use to win the 2023 Masters?

What clubs did Jon Rahm use to win the 2023 Masters?

The 2023 Masters proved to be a dramatic affair.

And in the end, it was Jon Rahm who pulled ahead of the pack (despite solid late efforts from Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson) to earn his first-ever green jacket at Augusta.

Just the fourth Spaniard to win the tournament, the 28-year-old Rahm dedicated his victory to his golfing hero -  the late, great Seve Ballesteros.

The 2023 Masters marks Rahm’s first Masters win and his second-ever major title. But now that the dust has settled, golfers everywhere want to know what clubs the new champion used, in hopes of emulating his success.

Being a Callaway staff member, Rahm was proudly sporting his Callaway golf clubs at this year’s tournament. Let’s take a closer look…

The clubs in Jon Rahm’s golf bag

Driver - Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver

Rahm’s driver of choice is the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver.

Designed for driving veterans, Callaway highly recommends beginner golfers steer clear of this powerhouse.

But more experienced players and professionals will reap some incredible rewards, with power to spare as well as adjustable weight ports to give you the driver feel and ball spin preference that works best for you.

With a slick, carbon-fibre crown and an intricately-detailed clubface, this driver both feels and looks the part.

Speaking of the clubface, you’ll find plenty of forgiveness no matter where you strike the ball.

Jon Rahm made some of the most impressive drives of the tournament using this driver, which is why it comes highly recommended.

Woods - Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Woods

The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Wood is another winning choice from Callaway’s touted Paradym lineup.

Splitting its style between glossy and matte on the crown, the wood presents a distinctive look that’s sure to draw eyes on the golf course.

But don’t let the smaller-looking clubhead fool you.

Numerous golfers have reported exceptional distance off the fairway and the tee with this club, making it feel like you’re holding a mini-driver.

The club is built to offer straight, low-flying bombs wherever you happen to be.

Brilliant ball speeds are thanks to Callaway’s latest ‘Jailbreak’ technology which condenses and directs strike energy back into the clubface for phenomenal impact.

While experienced players will see impressive results, this would act as a great step-up wood for players looking for more of a challenge in their next game.

Irons - Callaway Apex TCB Irons

A premium-looking collection of irons if ever there was one, Callaway’s Apex TCB Irons are simplicity personified.

There are not a whole lot of technology revelations going on here, unlike some of Callaway’s other clubs.

Instead, the company has chosen to focus on constructing a reliable, simple, hollow-head club with great feedback and build quality.

The smaller-than-average clubhead sizes offer little in the way of forgiveness but can offer stunning results when caught sweetly.

Over 50% of Callaway’s staff players currently carry these irons, giving you some idea of who these clubs are aimed at - higher-level players.

If you’re an experienced golfer, they’re definitely worth a look.


Wedges - Callaway Jaws Raw Face Chrome Wedges

Designed by legendary Golfsmith Roger Cleveland, the Callaway Jaws Raw Face Chrome Wedge is about as well-rounded of a wedge as you’ll find anywhere.

Balancing both a classic and modern aesthetic is difficult, but Jaws Raw wedges pull it off with a multi-toned back and minimalist face. They’re also available in two colours - steel or black.

Callaway has also opted for 20-degree milled grooves on the face, which they claim improve golf ball spin on chips, for even greater control over your shot. 

The club is also on the lighter side, but this doesn’t detract from a positive-feeling impact when hitting through the ball.

Whether you’re whipping a long shot, or a short chip onto the green, the Jaws Raw wedges will serve you right. They’re some of the best-reviewed clubs in recent memory and would be a welcome addition to any golfer’s bag.

Putter - Odyssey White Hot OG Rossie S Putter

The half-moon shape isn’t the most common of putter styles you’ll see on the course, but that might change if we see more great options like this offering from Odyssey.

Odyssey’s White Hot OG Rossie S Putter is appropriately-titled, offering “white hot” results and stable, consistent putts.

Its heavy head and favourable balance encourage straight putts, even if your backswing isn’t the straightest in the game.

The milled face gives golfers an enjoyable contact and feel, making this putter a popular option for average to experienced players seeking a more responsive putt.


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