What clubs did Brian Harman use to win The Open 2023?

What clubs did Brian Harman use to win The Open 2023?

Brian Harman - 2023 British Open Champion

It was a damp and gusty affair at The Open Championship this past weekend in Liverpool. But the nasty conditions didn’t stop Brian Harman from cruising to a six-shot-lead victory.

Claiming his first-ever Open Championship crown, the 36-year-old American made light work of his competition as the final few holes approached, which included top names like John Rahm, Sepp Straka and Rory McIlroy. With the win, Harman pocketed a very impressive $3 million - not bad for a wet day on the course, is it?

But now, every golfer is asking the same question in the hopes of replicating his success - what clubs did Brian Harmon use to win The Open 2023?

Let’s take a look…

Driver: Titleist TSi2 (9 degrees)

Titleist TSi2 Golf Driver

Built with specially-designed ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium alloy, this driver has proven to be a popular option in recent years, for more experienced golfers seeking consistent ball speeds no matter where on the club face they strike the ball.

Following a similar trend as the rest of the TSi series, Titleist chose to focus on improved aerodynamics with the TSi2, building a club that cuts through the air with minimal resistance, to produce power that impresses with incredible distance time after time.

While it is on the forgiving side, with great heel-to-toe forgiveness to fix those awkward strikes, Titleist’s MOI clubface design also helps deliver greater speed and tighter spin control, allowing golfers to truly give their all at the tee without fear.

If you want to grab the latest driving force Titleist has to offer, there have been other entries in the TSi lineup since the TSi2 - check them out here.

Wood: Titleist TSi2 (13.5 degrees)

Titleist TSi2 Fairway Wood

If ball speed off the fairway was what Brian Harmon was looking for, he found it in spades with the Titleist TSi2 fairway wood. The smaller brother of the TSi2 driver, this wood is crafted with a deeper centre of gravity than other woods from Titleist, along with variable face thickness making for a faster launch when the ball is struck.

An Active Recoil Channel (ARC) at the base of the clubface helps those who catch the ball low to achieve consistently accurate shots and improved ball speeds, at a spot that traditionally doesn’t deliver such shots.

But if the feel of the club isn’t to your liking, Titleist has paired the TSi2 fairway wood with adjustable features at the base of the shaft, allowing technicians to control the responsiveness of the club through easy custom fitting.

Take a look at the collection of fairway woods we have on offer from Titleist here.

Irons: Titleist U500 (Utility) / Titleist 620 CB (5-PW)

Titleist U500 Utility IronTitleist 620 CB

Opting for a utility iron rather than the traditional 3 or 4-iron, Brian Harmon was achieving impressive distances with his Titleist U500. With exceptionally low loft, combined with superior balance through Titleist’s special tungsten weighting, players can expect to hit long-iron shots with greater ease using this utility iron.

An ultra-thin forged face insert also aids ball speeds, making this club a great choice if you’re looking for speed and convenience in some of your longer shots off the fairway or tee. Check out a more recent Titleist utility iron here.

For the rest of his irons, Harmon selected a set of Titleist 620 CB irons - irons that have become a favourite on courses all over the world. With a classic Titleist design, a reduced offset and topline will make you look and feel like a true pro on any shot.

Plus, a tour-refined sole makes smoother contact with the ground during striking, letting you hit through your shots with full force, for greater distance and accuracy with little grass interference.

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Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM9

Titleist SM9 Golf Wedge

Sticking with Titleist yet again, Harmon’s wedge of choice was the Titleist Vokey Design SM9. Created in collaboration with Bob Vokey - one of the world’s leading golf club craftsmen - the SM9 is a marvel in offering greater control and spin around the green, while longer shots benefit from a raised centre of gravity which helps create a more desirable ball flight for a wedge.

The newly-designed grooves in the SM9 clubface help the club cut right to the edge, to maximise ball spin when you need it most, offering the level of control you don’t see in other wedges.

Take a look at the Titleist Vokey Design SM9 here and grab yours today. 

Putter: TaylorMade Spider OS CB

Taylormade Spider OS
At face value, the TaylorMade Spider OS CB is oversized for its job - but it’s the added size that creates the extra stability that allows top players - like Harman - to land stellar putts time and again.

An alternatively-coloured sight line makes your path to the hole stand out far more than other putters - a great design choice by TaylorMade - helping you hit straighter putts and sink shots on the green more often.

If that wasn’t enough, an expanded sweet spot gives a silky feel to each shot and offers excellent responsiveness when you want to hit through the ball without jittering or unnecessary bounces.

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