Step up your golfing game with the newest club arrivals from Titleist

Step up your golfing game with the newest club arrivals from Titleist

Step up your golfing game with the newest club arrivals from Titleist

They are finally here. The world-renowned Titleist have brought to market their much-anticipated TSi2 and TSi3 golf clubs – and they’re even better than we could have ever hoped!

Titleist who?

It’s not often that we come across an individual in our store who isn’t well versed with Titleist. But - if you’re new to the golfing game, let us first introduce you to the industry leaders.

Earning their reputation initially with the creation of the ‘perfect’ golf ball which boasted an unrivalled centre of gravity for the most accurate uniformity, ball after ball, Titleist have since gone on to bring out a range of professional golfing equipment including everything from clubs to bags.

A well-respected name in golf, with many of their balls, clubs and accessories being used by tour pros, you’d be hard pushed to play a game of golf without hearing their name come up, or even more likely, to see one of their golf balls soaring across the fairway.

The Titleist TSi collection

Now, Titleist are no strangers to high-quality golf clubs. In fact, they boast one of the most extensive range of drivers, hybrids, irons, utility irons and fairways – as well as a variety of custom options too. It’s safe to say that they are reputable when it comes to high precision, high-performing clubs.

But – the TSi2 and TSi3 collection boasted so much potential. With unrivalled speed, accuracy and control, the newest club range from Titleist has been the talk of the course for some time now. And finally, they have arrived, and here at Clarkes’ Golf Store, we stock the entire range – so let’s present the newest Titleist TSi collection.

Titleist TSi 2 Driver

The first of two golf clubs in the TSi2 collection is the TSi2 Driver. Wonderful to look at, the team behind Titleist design have knocked it out the park once again with the sleek, effortless and professional aesthetic of this driver. But, what’s truly impressive is the way this club performs.

Featuring a never seen before face, the TSi2 Driver has been made from ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium, making it incredibly unique in the market and allowing for unrivalled speed on contact. Super streamlined and boasting a deeper, lower centre of gravity, the by-line for this club is ‘Pure Distance’ – and we can see why!

If distance is your Achilles heel, the Titleist TSi2 Driver is for you.

Titleist TSi2 Fairway

Designed to offer unbelievable speed and accuracy, the TSi2 Fairway benefits from an innovative Active Recoil Channel 4.0 for a higher, faster launch and has optimised weight distribution meaning you can swing effortlessly for a stable launch.

This sleek design has an ultra-thin crown and variable face thickness allowing for both speed and accuracy thanks to the reduced centre of gravity. This is by far one of the most advanced fairway clubs we have seen in some time, and is available to buy today from our store.

Titleist TSi3 Driver

The ultimate in customisable golfing, the TSi3 comes with a new adjustable centre of gravity track design, allowing for advanced speed-tuned performance from the get-go.

As attractive as the rest of the TSi collection, the TSi3 Fairway boasts a unique alloy design for unrivalled speed from every point of contact. The combination of ultra-thin titanium crown and variable CG placement makes this the perfect option for those who want to create more consistency and control in their game.

Titleist TSi3 Fairway

Last but by no means least, the TSi3 Fairway is renowned for its speed, its accuracy and its precision personified. Featuring a new and unique SureFit centre of gravity track technology, this is an incredibly advanced fairway club.

With Active Recoil Channel 4.0 and adjustable CG offering 3 unique positions for fine-tuned ball flight, you can expect more consistency and a higher, faster launch when you play with this club.

Get the new Titleist TSi range for Clarkes’ Golf Store today!

As one of the leading stockists of golf equipment in the UK, we’re proud to say we have the entire Titleist TSi range in store and ready for you to pick up! We aim to make shopping with us as convenient as possible, so you can take a look on our online store or visit us in-store and even have a try of the Titleist TSi collection for yourself before making a purchase.

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27 December 2020