Is your current golf bag slowing you down?

Is your current golf bag slowing you down?

An essential part of every player’s golf gear, the humble golf bag is what allows us to transport our beloved golf clubs across a full golf course - whether we choose to carry them across our shoulders or wheel them with the aid of a golf trolley.

But when it comes to squeezing in a full round of golf, a lot of players don’t realise that their current golf bag might be slowing them down and costing them precious minutes across the course. This begs the question of whether it’s time for some players to invest in a newer, more practical golf bag to save time, effort and energy.

If you’re worried your current golf bag isn’t the most practical choice, keep reading.

Why your current golf bag might be working against you

When you initially purchased your golf bag, you may have been looking for something big and rugged enough to carry your full golf club collection at all times - something like a cart bag would be ideal in this scenario. But your opinion may have changed with the times and, today, you’d rather sacrifice space for simplicity and are looking for a lightweight design that’s easy to carry or pull.

It might not be obvious, but the heavier your golf bag, the longer it will take you to move around the course compared to lightweight alternatives. You’ll only lose minor seconds on each hole, but these soon add up, making heavier golf carry bags a poor choice for the time-conscious golfer. In other words, if you’re against the clock and need to shave as much time as possible off your rounds without rushing, investing in a lightweight golf bag could be the right move.

The benefits of lightweight golf bags

Move faster from hole to hole

As we’ve already mentioned, lightweight golf bags are, by nature, far easier to move from hole to hole than larger, more cumbersome bags. You might not be able to squeeze every single piece of your golf gear in for a round, but those of us who like to travel heavy when we walk around the course know there are certain items in our carry bag that we virtually never touch.

With a lightweight golf stand bag, you’ll still have plenty of storage space for all your essentials - golf balls, golf tees, golf gloves and whatever other accessories you use regularly - without the option to carry excess items you know you may only need in certain situations, like a golf umbrella or spare golf waterproofs. This way, you’ll cut both unnecessary weight and time from your game, while retaining all the features of a reliable bag, and be back at the clubhouse before you know it.

Less strain if you’re carrying your clubs

Even though cart bags are specifically designed to be pulled from hole to hole on a golf cart, there are still many players who opt to attach a shoulder strap to a cart bag and carry it. They may seem easy enough to carry for a full eighteen, but the added strain and pressure created by carrying heavy golf bags can cause small yet significant changes in our posture and, ultimately, our stance and swing. 

For the most relaxed and rested shoulders, neck and upper body, players should opt for lightweight stand bags that don’t add much more weight beyond the weight of the clubs themselves.

But even if players aren’t carrying their larger golf bags, the added weight of cart bags can add time to a game even if they’re on wheels. Not to mention the fact they require a lot more energy to move around in general. But when pulling a lightweight golf bag on a golf trolley, the combination of smooth-rolling wheels and light-as-a-feather golf bags makes transporting clubs across the course a breeze.

Plenty of excellent waterproof options available

Just because you’re looking for a more lightweight option for your golf bag doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice some of the more welcome qualities larger bags feature. If you’re a fan of waterproof golf stand bags that protect your clubs when you get caught in a drizzly spell, there are still plenty of lightweight golf bag options that feature waterproofing.

This will benefit you in more ways than one, too; you’ll be able to keep your clubs dry while reducing the time you spend on each hole, helping you escape the wet weather faster.

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