Introducing the new TaylorMade Stealth Golf Clubs

Introducing the new TaylorMade Stealth Golf Clubs

Introducing the new TaylorMade Stealth Golf Clubs

TaylorMade have officially launched their new equipment for the 2022 season with the announcement of their new Stealth line-up.

For more than two decades, the brand has been leading the way in product design, constantly striving to produce the best golf clubs for golfers of all skill levels.

Though they’re only available to pre-order online at the present moment, we got a sneak peek of the TaylorMade Stealth driver in action when Tiger Woods tested it at the PNC Championships in December.

Here at Clarkes’ Golf Centre, we’re just as excited as you are to get our hands on the TaylorMade Stealth golf clubs. So, whilst we wait for them all to be shipped, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the brand’s latest release…

TaylorMade Stealth Drivers

TaylorMade have broken the mould with their Stealth drivers.

Instead of using titanium, which has been all the rage for the past 20 years, the TaylorMade Stealth, Stealth Plus, and Stealth HD drivers feature 60 layers of carbon fibre to deliver more speed.

The size of the face is 11% larger than its SIM 2 and SIM 2 Max predecessors, thanks to twist face technology. However, the clubface only weighs 26g – that’s 40% lighter than a titanium face of the same size! These weight savings, coupled with the larger face, provide fantastic new ball speeds.

On top of these benefits, the adjustable weight in the clubhead also creates advanced aerodynamics at the most important phase of the swing. Therefore, allowing you to strike the ball faster and further.

Reasons to buy:

  • Consistent and impressive ball speeds
  • Compact design which is perfect for confident ball strikers
  • Boast a premium, modern look

TaylorMade Stealth Hybrids

No golfer should have to sacrifice control for distance or distance for control, and with the TaylorMade Stealth, Stealth Plus, and Ladies Stealth hybrids (rescues), you don’t have to.

The standard Stealth model is the first TaylorMade hybrid to have a carbon crown, which saves 7g when compared to all-steel construction. This saved weight is redistributed to the rear, offering greater stability on off-centre hits, while maintaining a sufficient spin rate to send long shots.

With its cambered sole, the Stealth is similar to a micro-fairway wood, targeting distance and forgiveness. The TaylorMade Stealth Plus hybrid is more compact, square-toed, and iron-like in trajectory.

The Stealth Plus is the only TaylorMade Stealth hybrid not to include at least some carbon composite – but engineers did this deliberately to create a distinct ball flight from the standard hybrid.

Reasons to buy:

  • Improved shot-making
  • Control and distance you can rely on
  • Increased forgiveness and launch

TaylorMade Stealth Irons

Remember the next generation Cap Back design with toe construction in the SIM 2 Max and SIM 2 Max OS irons? Well, you can expect this and so much more with the TaylorMade Stealth irons!

Engineers have utilised the concept of the hollow iron, only they’ve replaced the steel back with a low-density polymer composite to lower the CG of the iron. This assists with ball speed and launch.

Concealed inside the Cap Back design is a damping system that spans from the heel to the toe, giving the TaylorMade Stealth iron a strong, sturdy feel.

Also worth noting about the new 2022 irons is that there’s a model designed to suit female golfers. The Ladies Stealth golf irons boast all the same technology, yet unlike the standard irons available in several different shafts, they are equipped with an Aldila shaft.

Reasons to buy:

  • Incredibly accurate
  • Considerably longer than the SIM 2 Max irons
  • Produce a lively yet pleasant sound and feel at impact

TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Woods

Fairway woods aren’t the easiest clubs to hit, so naturally, you want them to be as forgiving as possible – without skimping on distance.

Whilst the TaylorMade Stealth and Stealth Plus fairways don’t feature the carbon-composite face technology of the Stealth drivers, they both incorporate a 3D carbon wrap that makes them exceptionally forgiving but not overly huge.

The Stealth fairway woods are geared more towards forgiveness and distance, whereas the Plus models focus on centre strikes and workability.

Slightly larger than the SIM 2 fairway woods, the Stealth Plus produces low spin. It’s much more stable on off-centre hits, too. 

Reasons to buy:

  • Carbon-composite crowns offer improved forgiveness
  • Flatter profile of the sole helps lower the centre of gravity (CG)
  • “V” sole ensures smooth turf interaction

Want to know more about the TaylorMade Stealth golf clubs?

Clarkes’ Golf Centre stocks innovative equipment from renowned brands, such as TaylorMade – and we’re proud to bring you the fantastic Stealth line-up for 2022.

If you have any questions regarding TaylorMade’s latest release, or you’d like to discuss your requirements with our team to determine which clubs are right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Either give us a call on 01744 885 294 and we’ll happily speak to you over the phone, or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

If you prefer, you’re welcome to visit us in-store at our shop in St Helens, just off the Rainford Bypass. Here you’ll be able to explore the products we currently have in stock and find out more about the TaylorMade Stealth golf clubs, which are due to go on general sale very soon!

12 January 2022