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Golf Waterproofs: What Waterproof Golf Gear You’ll Need This Winter

Golf waterproofs have come a long way since the days when you had to put an oversized plastic poncho over your head, and swing like you were wearing a plastic bag.

Today’s waterproof golf gear doesn’t just keep you dry and comfortable in wet weather, it lets you play just like you would in your regular golf gear.

No swing hindrance, just dry and comfy rounds – and the gear is pretty stylish too.

At Clarke’s Golf we supply a wide range of waterproof golf gear, from stylish, breathable waterproof golf jackets, to comfortable waterproof golf trousers and waterproof golf shoes, to warm underlayers that will help protect you from the cold while navigating those bunkers and thick rough.        

This blog looks at the essential waterproof golf gear you’ll need to tackle the fairways this winter.


Waterproof Golf Jacket

With the weather turning cold and dark as well as wet, you’d be mad to tackle 18 holes in a t-shirt, what you’ll need is a reliable, waterproof golf jacket.

Today’s golf jackets are lightweight, breathable and stylish, so you won’t have to worry about your waterproof gear getting in the way of your swing.

The Galvin Green Ace Gore-Tex Waterproof Jacket, for example, is made with Gore-Tex and lightweight mesh lining that’s breathable and free, so you can move and swing naturally.

100% waterproof and windproof, this will help you power through the wind and rain.

Similarly, the Under Armour Ladies Storm proof 2.0 golf jacket is lightweight and breathable without sacrificing performance.


Waterproof Golf Trousers

When you’re looking down the fairway at a wet and windy hole, the last thing you need are shaky legs thanks to the cold wind and rain.

While golf shorts and trousers are perfect for spring and summer, when winter comes, you’ll want to get yourself a good pair of waterproof golf trousers.

Not that you’ll notice any difference in the look and feel, but you’ll be thankful you’re staying dry and warm.

Waterproof golf trousers like the Ping SensorDry 2.5 are made with the latest waterproof fabric so you can concentrate on your game.


Golf neck warmer

There’s nothing like a stiff breeze across your neck at the wrong time to send your perfectly aimed drive off into the trees.

A snug snood or neck warmer gives you the best protection from the elements.

Made with comfortable, breathable material, you won’t feel restricted or like you’re being strangled. You can be confident of a warm, dry fit while you stay focussed on your next shot.

The Ping Logo Golf Neckwarmer is a perfect example of this essential winter golf accessory.


Base layers

When it comes to winter golf, it’s not just the rain you’ve got to deal with.

Trying to sink that pressure birdy putt on the 18th is hard enough without your shoulders shaking because of the cold.

Alongside your waterproof gear, you should invest in a thermal base layer that can keep you warm and snug, regardless of what the weather throws at you.

Base layers like the Galvin Green Ethan Thermal Roll Neck are perfect for providing a warming effect while remaining comfy and breathable.


Golf towel

Is the wet rough, clumpy sand or chunks of dirt starting to affect your club face and send your ball in all kinds of random directions?

A golf towel can be an ideal accessory for keeping your grips, balls and other golf gear clean and dry.


Golf Umbrella

Is there anything worse on a winter round of golf than getting caught in a queue at the tee or being held up by slow play?

When the rain is pouring, and you’re spending more time standing around than you’d like, you’re going to need an umbrella to keep you and your golf bag dry.

There are plenty of golf umbrellas to choose from online or at our St Helens golf centre.

Simply browse our range of top brands.


Winter golf shoes

When trudging through wet rough or a damp bunker, your fabric golf shoes might not provide the protection you need.

And the last thing you want is wet, cold feet while you’re trying to line up your next shot.

Winter golf shoes are built for the conditions you’ll face in the wet and colder months.

Waterproof, comfortable and durable, yet still incredibly stylish, if you’re planning to tackle the course in the colder months, you’ll need some winter golf shoes.


Get all the winter golf gear you need at Clarke’s Golf

If you’re. preparing for golfing through the winter months, you can find all the clothing and equipment you’ll need to help you play your best game at Clarke’s Golf.

We’ve got everything from waterproof jackets, trousers and shoes to snoods and base layers.

Simply browse our online collection and order for quick delivery, or come and see us at our dedicated golf centre, shop and driving range in Rainford.